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‘Blue Bloods’ recap: ‘Righting Wrongs’ and fixing accidents

Righting Wrongs
Righting Wrongs

Blue Bloods


While out jogging, Linda, who lives in man cave with Danny and two boys, suggests to Erin that she try speed dating. Erin does and it’s a meeting/dating frenzy as a gong sounds off signaling the next eligible bachelor to move on and make room for the next. Erin eventually meets a guy by the name of Robert McCoy who truly gets beneath her skin.

Danny and Baez are out investigating the homicide of Nicole Garland, the wife of a doctor who told her husband she was taking a trip to Aruba. In actuality, Nicole was secretly having a little cosmetic surgery done as a surprise for him. It doesn’t always pay to do things on the hush. Nicole died from a lethal dose of Lidocaine so naturally Danny and Baez must go see Dr. Levine, the doctor who performed the surgery.

Jamie is given a 10-year old homicide case to look into but keep mum about. All this secrecy upsets his partner. Of course someone has been spending time in the lock-up for the travesty, but the mother of the murdered victim, Michelle Lowe, believes the police arrested the wrong man.

Erin is given a somewhat old case also to prosecute and the attorney for the accused is waiting inside her office to discuss the particulars. The attorney just happens to be Robert McCoy. You saw that coming, right? McCoy believes in his client’s innocence. Erin does not. He then asks her to check out the prosecutor who handled his client’s last case.

Uh-oh. It looks like the mourning Dr. Garland has a chick on the side to help him through his grief. No wonder the late Mrs. Garland was out getting upgrades. Poor thing was feeling insecure.

As for Jamie’s case, the man arrested for Michelle Lowe’s murder was fact in her apartment the night of the murder, but he was only there to steal not murder and scrammed when he saw her lifeless body. He’s a stealer not a killer.

Oh and that prosecutor McCoy had Erin check out…it was him. The man is just trying to right a wrong and now he defends people. Erin is starting to side with him and makes a deal regarding his client. He also asks Erin out for a proper date and she accepts.

Already under review by the malpractice board, the good Dr. Levine and his nurse panicked and covered up the death of Mrs. Garland even though it was an accident. She was given something for pain but things got worse and he could not revive her. So he and the nurse did the next best thing when you stand to lose your medical license. You throw a dead body out with Tuesday’s trash.

Alas, Jamie shows his detective skills. Sadly, the death of Michelle Lowe was also accidental caused by panic and induced through alcohol. The reformed alcoholic neighbor was responsible for her demise.

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