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‘Blue Bloods’ Recap: ‘Custody Battle’ royale

Custody Battle
Custody Battle

Blue Bloods


Jamie and Eddie are called to a domestic argument scene where a man, Christopher Collins, is upset about possibly losing child visitation. Collins is soon arrested for disorderly conduct.

Eddie receives a letter from her dad who is doing time in prison. Jamie suggests she write him back. Eddie disagrees, especially since she does not have a kind or loving word to respond back with. Their conversation is interrupted when an office cries out for help. Christopher Collins is lying on the floor dead.

Erin interviews the mother of Christopher’s daughter who has forgotten all about her argument with Christopher and has redirected her anger towards the NYPD. Collins’ death (while in police custody) has sparked outrage and public outcry. The arresting officer, Cutter, said Collins asked to go to the bathroom. When the handcuffs came off, Collins came out swinging. So why does the M.E. report say the cause of death was strangulation? Who choked Christopher Collins while in Cutter’s custody? Try saying that real fast. Anyway, Cutter’s partner, Officer Walsh, corroborates his story.

Jamie and Eddie are to transport an inmate to a prison. Uh-oh. It happens to be the same prison housing Eddie’s father and she does not appreciate Jamie volunteering them for the assignment.

Officer Walsh meets with Erin at a coffee shop. Erin asks her again if she had seen Cutter apply the deadly chokehold on Collins. Again, Walsh denies witnessing such an act. After all, it’s against police policy plus this whole banding of brothers thing with the police is clearly in high gear, ticking Erin off.

The case of Christopher Collins is causing a mountain of tension between Erin, the prosecutor, and Frank, the Commissioner or papa, if you will, of the NYPD. She sees it as a homicide. He sees it as self-defense. What’s a family to do?

Frank has a question for Cutter’s former boss though. He is curious as to why Cutter transferred to the big city precinct. It’s funny how things have a way of coming out in the wash. Cutter was involved in a case before wherein the suspect sustained mysterious injuries. Frank ain’t too happy about having a ticking time bomb on his force.

It’s Frank’s turn to talk to Officer Walsh. He catches up with her while she’s walking her beat. He’s not there to question her. He’s there to drop a few seeds of wisdom. That Frank.

Eddie decides to see her dad after all and asks Jamie to come along. He agrees to do so. Officer Walsh tells Erin the truth about what happened. Cutter choked Collins.

Nevertheless, the grand jury declined to indict a grateful Cutter who is glad to be getting back to work. He may go back to work but he won’t be working for Frank Reagan. He’s too much of a loose canon.

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