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‘Blue Bloods’ recap and review: ‘Knockout Game’ fight club gone wild

Blue Bloods Knockout Game
Blue Bloods Knockout Game

Blue Bloods


Air date March 14
A young couple, Mike and Stephanie, exit a building and immediately afterwards the pregnant wife gets punched to the ground – a victim of the vicious knockout game. She ends up losing the baby. Police Commissioner Frank Reagan is none too pleased with brand of violence. Sadly, despite the number of these knockout crimes being committed, witnesses are not at all forthcoming.

Danny and Baez visit a CI named Thorpe to find out what he may know. Thorpe seems dedicated to referring to himself as a third person until, Danny tightens the pressure and Thorpe gives up his knucklehead cousin Willie Heyward as the leader of this knockout crew. Lo and behold, pressure also stops Thorpe’s hilarious third person act. So guess who gets a visit next? That’s right. Willie Heyward, who comes stumbling out of the back room of a bar.

Mike is waiting at the cop shop for Danny who happens to walk in escorting Willie to his new digs. Mike instantly assumes Willie is the culprit behind his wife’s beating and miscarriage. It’s difficult to tell what was his first clue, especially since all sorts of perpetrators come through the halls of the NYPD faster than falling snowflakes.

Heyward confesses to punching innocent people on the street but not the pregnant woman. In fact, he was at a Knicks game during the time of the incident and has the selfies to prove it.

Danny goes to Mike and Stephanie’s home where the distraught man is re-painting the nursery. Stephanie remembers hearing the name Moses during her attack and Danny remembers collaring a Moses Caldwell in that same neighborhood a while back. Unfortunately, Danny hits a snag in the investigation. Caldwell’s body is found in an alley. Therefore, he won’t be answering any questions.

Danny reluctantly arrests Mike for the murder of Moses Caldwell. Mike states that he did confront Caldwell, wanting the hoodlum to look him in the eye, but his intentions were not to kill him. Caldwell had a gun. There was a struggle and the gun went off. Caldwell caught the bullet. So Caldwell will go in a cold ground and Mike will undoubtedly go home.

As for the rest of the Reagan family, Erin and Jack, Nikii’s divorced parents are seeing each other behind Nikki’s back and then breakup behind Nikki’s back. Despite recommendations from his dad and right-hand man Garrett, Frank (Tom Selleck) refuses to promote an officer to the intelligence department using the “greased palms” system. Officer Timothy Dougherty and Frank’s dad are buddies. But after meeting the officer, Frank is quite impressed and promotes him anyway.

A favorite line regarding Frank’s stubbornness:

Garrett said to Frank: “You went up the mountain and came down with your own set of tablets about what’s right and what’s wrong.”

Let him know, Garrett, let him know.

Watch ‘Blue Bloods’ on Fridays at 10:00 PM on CBS.

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