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Bludso's BBQ on Memorial Day Weekend

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Bludso's BBQ


Whether your from California or not, EVERYONE has heard of the city of Compton.

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The first things that may come to mind are rappers or cars with hydraulics, but good barbeque is probably not of them...

That is all starting to change.

Bludso's BBQ is not only making a name for itself, but has risen to the top of the heap, taking first place according to LA Weekly.

I decided to venture out, to see how Bludso's had gone to number one in a span of four years... This is what I found --

  1. Bludso's was founded by Kevin Bludso, and well, he WAS there doing the smoking!
  2. Katrina Mathews, manager of Bludso's, knows the food and people as well, and makes sure customers are satisfied. (One of the best places for customer service that I have ever been to.)
  3. Their ribs, (which are truly second to none) are smoked for four-and-a-half hours, and the term "falls off the bone" is not an understatement. The meat literally fell off the bone. You also have to try there brisket, which has a great smoky flavor to them and needs no sauce.
  4. They have a great selection of sides, including mac and cheese (my favorite), greens, potato salad, and beans (my second favorite) which had more flavor than any other beans I had tasted.
  5. Bludso, was a former Correctional Officer and Probation Officer, who finally took his grandmother's advice of opening up his own BBQ, after all the summers being taught and raised in Texas.

Let me just say, while I was at Bludso's, I felt like I was in my own little city, because while most people do take out, (they have a small counter inside) outside in the parking lot sits two benches with coverings, which I sat at, listening to the soft bluesy music playing that makes you feel like you're away from all your problems for the time being!

I decided to eat there, and watch the the smokers in action, while Bludso transferred meat into them. The secret to the great smoky taste, are the different woods he uses to smoke the meat with.

It's truly a unique experience, eating while watching the process take place at the same time.

Bludso's BBQ is located at 811 S. Long Beach Blvd. in Compton. For questions or to place an order you can call 310.637.1342.

To go their website click here.

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