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Blu-ray review Amen

Blu-ray Amen


Blu-ray from Cohen Film Collection

Film promo of Amen

Available from the Cohen Film Collection, the film AMEN. Set during World War II, Hitler orders his German army to remove those who do not fit the definition of his superior race. In the meantime, Officer, Kurt Gerstein, played by Ulrich Turkur, a prominent scientist in the German ranks has develop a way to mass produce a deadly toxic gas. Unaware of it’s purpose, Officer Gerstein travels to a German detention facility to discover how the gas will be used. Looking through a small keyhole on an airtight holding cell door, witness a group of Jewish people suffocating to death as as a canisters of the gas is released into the room. Gerstein, a catholic, cannot allow his beloved country perform these acts of genocide and prepares himself to stand alone against fellow countrymen and the German army. Can his faith and determination convince the Pope these atrocities and stand against Hitler.

As Poland, France, Italy and Soviet Union fall under German rule, it set the stage for Hitler’s plan to eradicate the impurities from this Earth. Officer Gerstein gathers sympathy and support to reveal the killing of thousands of innocent people carted away to detention camps via train cargo boxes. His pleas for help are ignored by town’s Catholic Cardinal a Jesuit Priest Riccardo Fontana, played by Mathieu Kassovitz, helps Gerstein deliver evidence to the Vatican and begs for the Pope to intervene. Later, the Pope, during his annual Christmas radio prayer announcement, avoids the subject matter causing the Riccardo and Gerstein to risk their lives and families to uncover the mass murder at the hands of Nazi Schutzstaffel.

This film will grip viewers to their seats. The film Amen shows the horrific account how an ego-driven man rises from a desperate country to influence it’s people to commit genocide against Jews and anyone who disgraces the Third Reich. Audiences will discover a bit of history regarding the Pope, played by Marcel Iures, who ignores insubstantial evidence how Hitler’s army killed millions people right under the Vatican and the world noses. Ulrich performed superbly of a man torn between his love of country and of his Catholic faith. Mathieu character completely caught me by surprise by making an ultimate selfless act of courage despite the wishes of the Pope and loved ones. Directed by Costa-Gavras and screenwriters Jean-Claude, Grumberg and Rolf Hochhuth bring this timeless history lesson to life. Distributed by Cohen Film Collection and is available on Blu-ray. This film is recommended for adult audiences, an excellent film for students and give it 10 out of 10.

That’s my story and I am sticking to it. Reporting for, I am Brian A. Madrid.

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