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Blu-ray film review: The Color of Lies

Blu-ray review of The Color of Lies


The Color of Lies is a french crime/drama from late director Claude Chabrol.This 1999 film, now available on Blu-ray, is one of Claude recent films to date. Starring Sandrine Bonnaire, as Vivianne Sterne, Jacques Gamblin, as Rene Sterne, Antonie De Caunes as Germaine-Roland Desmot and Valeria Bruni Tedeschi as Inspector Frederique Lesage

Actors: Sandrine Bonnaire and Jacques Gamblin stars

The film takes place in a small town called Breton. Rene, an inspiring artist provide art lessons for children around town. During one afternoon, one of his student, a ten year old girl is found raped and strangled to death in the woods. Though the police do not have enough evidence charge Rene with the crime, the townspeople suspect Rene is the culprit.

As the investigation continues, Inspector Lesage begins to piece together the clues found at the scene and confronts Rene about the murder. Feeling alone and the pressure of guilt mounting, becomes distant from Vivianne and stops painting altogether. In the meantime, Desmot, a successful writer and art collector in the black market, is infatuated with Rene’s wife. He warms up to her and takes advantage of the situation thus seduces her.

As Desmot and Vivianne travel separately only to be rendezvous at a hotel room, Rene becomes inspired to paint a portrait of his wife naked, standing in front of the bathroom door while a man holding a blue dress stands in her way. She returns home to Rene to discover the portrait hung in the living room. The feelings of guilt and betrayal overwhelms her. She confesses the affair with Desmot and ask for Rene’s forgiveness.

Later in the film, Rene meets up with Desmot at a local pub and invites him for dinner. Desmot arrives during a thick fog that blankets the town at dinner forcing Desmot to accept Rene’s offer to take him home via boat. All along the way, Desmot, being drunk, insults Rene about his wife until they arrive at his beachfront property. Rene, also drunk, grab Desmot in a fit of rage and blackout. During the night, Rene returns home to Vivianne, tired and confused. The next morning, the news of Desmot death spread all across town. Now more than ever, the people of Breton believe it’s the work of the same man who killed the little girl. Rene looks for Vivianne to believe he's innocent, but will she?

As I watch the film, wanted to see how the investigation will unfold itself. Was Rene the actual girl's killer? The film never explored that storyline. Instead, the story mainly dealt with Rene, Vivianne and Desmot. Towards the end, you realize who killed the little girl and of Desmot, but its the lies Rene and Vivianne created that caused a web of deceit. Produced by MK2 Production and distributed by Cohn Media Group and Film, I give it 5 out of 10.

That’s my story and I am sticking to it. Reporting for, I am Brian A. Madrid

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