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Blu-ray film review: Dan Curtis' Dracula

Blu-ray Dan Curtis' Dracula


The late Executive Producer Dan Curtis, producer of such television hits like television series Dark Shadows and the The Night Stalker, brings the legendary Dracula, available on Blu-ray. Now audience can own this 1974 version of Bram Stoker's epic love story Dracula, played by Jack Palance. Dracula is a haunted man who is cursed to live the rest of eternity without his beloved wife. As he searches for companionship, Dracula discovers a newspaper article clipping of a group of women standing together, one resembling his deceased wife. He begins to devise a plan to reunite with his reincarnated his wife and live forever.

Promotional shot of Dracula

Summoned by Dracula, Jonathan Parker, played by Murray Brown, travels overseas to Transylvania to discuss several estate locations where Jonathan and his fiancee Lucy, played by Fiona Lewis, live. With his plan in motion,Jonathan becomes Dracula’s play toy for his vampire mistresses. Dracula arrives in United Kingdom and waste no time making Lucy fall under his spell. To no avail, Lucy dies under the careful watch of Dr, Van Helsing, played by Nigel Davenport, and Arthur, played by Simon Ward. Dracula, stricken with rage against Arthur and Van Helsing, after finding Lucy’s corpse pierced with a wooden stake in her heart, goes after Arthur’s family. Will Dracula find a new bride with Mina, played by Penelope Horner or will Helsing and Arthur find where Dracula dwells and end his reign of terror. Made in 1974, and distributed by MPI, this version is currently out and has no special effects unlike other Dracula movies rely on to tell a classical tale. Rated PG-13.

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