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Blow Up Your TV Blanche Saison Grisette


Bud Light: 4.2% ABV. Coors Light: 4.2% ABV. Keystone Light: 4.2% ABV. Natural Light: 4.2% ABV. Miller Lite: 4.17% ABV. Busch Light: 4.1% ABV. Corona Light: 4.1% ABV. What do these beers have in common? A) They’re all low in alcohol and B) they’re all watered-down, flavorless swill. Ergo, one might make the leap: low alcohol = no flavor. The evidence may overwhelmingly support that assumption but, in fact, it is a false conclusion; the Belgians have been packing bold taste into small ABV for generations with “table beer,” a precursor to session beer. Meant to be shared by the whole family (even the kids) at dinnertime, table beers wash down and complement the food while imparting very little inebriating qualities, keeping the imbiber in full control of their cognitive faculties. TRiNiTY BREWiNG COMPANY’s Blow Up Your TV Blanche Saison Grisette, a collaboration with Black Bottle Brewery and coming in at a whopping 3.8% ABV, is a revival of that Belgian tradition.

Color: Blow Up Your TV is crystalline, no haziness, no cloudiness, nothing but stark clarity in its light, honey-yellow body. The foam is fairly thick and pure white in color.

Aroma: Brettanomyces yeast imparts a horse blanket, barnyard funk—like a fancy, aged cheese—and the addition of lactobacillus yeast puts forth light tartness. Bready yeast undertones also appear as does a certain citrusy zest. It’s a complex bouquet and certainly not pleasing to every nose but it’s an undeniably “Belgian” smell. Not an aroma for beginning beer geeks.

Taste: More of that funky, rustic, goat-rolled-in-wet-hay flavor (it sounds so bad when spelled out but, in fact, those are prized qualities in certain styles of beer) first detected in the aroma is immediately recognized by the palate. Sourness nips at the tongue but it’s in the background and not pucker-inducing. Tempering the more avant-garde beer flavors is a lemon spritz as well as spicy rye notes that’re conjured up after a hearty belch.

Mouthfeel: Effervescent, tingly, and alive, Blow Up Your TV finishes dry.

A sub-5% ABV macrobeer might be devoid of any interesting characteristics and a double-digit ABV trippel might possess essences so intricate it’s hard to discern the component parts but, truthfully, alcohol content has little to no bearing on a beer’s pizzazz. Blow Up Your TV is living proof. Pick up a bottle of this collaboration brew for maximum flavor and minimum intoxication.