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'Blossom' vegetarian restaurant of Chelsea, New York City should not be missed

Port Wine Seitan with sauteed spinach under tempura onion ring with garlic mashed potatoes
Port Wine Seitan with sauteed spinach under tempura onion ring with garlic mashed potatoes
Leah Pressman at 'Blossom'

'Blossom' vegetarian restaurant in Chelsea, New York City


Blossom,’ located in the heart of Chelsea, NYC on 9th Avenue between 21st and 22nd Streets is a vegetarian’s paradise. Dimly lit and with cozy décor, this intimate setting is perfect for those seeking meatless, fine dining. This well-known New York City establishment is serving up completely vegan cuisine that can be appreciated by both vegetarians and carnivores alike. It may be pricey if on a budget, but absolutely worth the expense.

The menu is complete with mouth-watering appetizers, salads, entrees, and desserts. Providing a nice variety of choices that do and do not include meat substitutes while also setting the standard high with the creative names assigned to the dishes.

To start, Trumpet Mushroom “Calamari” with a homemade arrabiata tomato sauce. The presentation and texture of the starter seemed too good to be true. Lightly fried and tender inside with a kick of spice when dipped was synonymous to the typical squid experience, but animal friendly!

Second stop on this vegetarian journey was the Port Wine Seitan. A hearty and delicious plate that was compiled of thin cutlets of Seitan, a wheat-gluten meat substitute, simmering in a port wine and mushroom sauce accompanied by a bed of sautéed spinach under a tempura onion ring with a scoop of garlic mashed potatoes. A large plate? Yes. But ultimately a filling and well-balanced meal.

Each bite was popping with the sweet and savory wine and mushroom flavors while the vegetable sides were not over bearing or weighing down the dish. The chew and bite of the seitan was excellent and real meat was never missed. Not accustomed to vegetarian fare, a typically meat eating diner commented, “I have never tried seitan, but that tasted a lot like roasted beef!”

To finish off this already spectacular meal at ‘Blossom,’ dessert had to be ordered. When the Lavender Coconut Crème Brulee arrived on the table, it was almost too lovely to dig in to...almost. The evenly fired sugar top was easily cracked with a few taps of the spoon and the creamy custard inside was delightful. With subtle floral notes and the use of coconut milk, this sweet treat was the cherry on top of this exquisite meal.

The taste of restaurant food can be impacted by the quality of its service. The wait-staff at ‘Blossom’ was impeccable. Seating at the time of the reservation, giving knowledgeable recommendations, and serving in a timely manner were just some of the several ways in which this restaurant tended to its customers.

This first Manhattan vegetarian experience beautifully “blossomed” like a young flower, raising the bar for what is to come next. ‘Blossom’ goes highly recommended for any vegetarian foodie looking for five star vegetarian treatment.

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