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Bloody Hammers- Under Satan's Sun (2014 Napalm Records)

Bloody Hammers
Bloody Hammers
Anders Manga

Bloody Hammers- Under Satan's Sun


This fuzzed out offering starts out with “The Town That Dreaded Sundown”, a song that gives the image of a community so scared to be out after dark because of the evil that lurks in the cover of darkness. The retro seventies feel, brings the Zodiac days back to life with the chaos, confusion, and panic that went along with the uncertainty of the time.The band has further perfected their distortion laden sound. Thick, choppy guitars rip all over “Under Satan’s Sun”. Anders Manga bass has never sounded better. Aggressive, highly distored, and tight bass lines are abundant and a plentiful yet again. Anders attacks his bass like he was Leatherface and chased it down through the woods, and cornered it a poorly lit shack, only to do the devil’s work on it for all to hear! Doza’s drums are monstrous, and I have never heard him sound better. The drums sound like a climatic culmination of a frantic escape for your life, only to be succumbed by the evil that is in pursuit. Manga and Doza are quietly becoming one of heavy musics tightest rhythm sections. Tie it all together with Devallia’s eerie, and down right scary organ sounds, and the unholy triology of technicolor albums is complete. Anders vocals are the narration of the horror, like a creepy voice over for a b rated, blood curling classic.

“Under Satan’s Sun” is perfection, as it sees the doomy, gothic evolution of the keepers of the occult step their game up more than could have been imagined. Hands down this album is a 20 out of 10 ! It has more of the self titled flavor, with the nastiness of “Spiritual Relics”. One listen to the ultra dirty “Dead Man’s Shadow on the Wall will keep all those cursed looking over their shoulder wanting more. Bloody Hammers don’t sit around to enjoy their success, as they are machines. Dare I say the hardest working band in the world? I dare!!! I can not wait for the next record, and hopefully the band doesn’t make fans wait quite as long (haha) next time. “Under Satan’s Sun” is another addition to the “Murderers Row” discography the band has amassed in such a short time. Really only one more thing can be said……..

ALL HAIL THE LORDS OF FUZZ (and cheap wine)


1- The Town That Dreaded Sundown

2- Spearfinger

3- Death Does Us Part

4- The Moon-Eyed People

5- Second Coming

6- Welcome To The Horror Show

7- Under Satan’s Sun

8- Dead Man’s Shadow on the Wall

9- The Last Alarm

10- The Necromancer

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