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‘Blood Ties’ brothers on different sides of the fence

The bad guy yells at the bad girl
The bad guy yells at the bad girl
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Blood Ties


“Blood Ties” which opens this Friday, March 21, 2014, boasts a stellar cast.

Mila Kunis, Zoe Saldana, Clive Owen, James Caan, Marion Cotillard, Frank Crudup and the wonderful Lili Taylor all come together to make a gritty brother vs brother, cop vs criminal drama.

Chris Pierzynski, (Clive Owen), has been in prison for a while. His brother Frank, (Billy Crudup), has been a cop for a while. Their relationship is amazingly complicated.

Blood Ties” revolves around the two brothers, both trying to live the lives they chose.

Frank’s good name is tainted simply because he’s Chris’ brother. Chris only knows the criminal world. Frank gets him a legit job, but it may only be a matter of time before Chris starts walking his old path.

Chris meets Natalie, (Mila), at his legit job and they hit it off.

Frank goes for the girlfriend of a bad guy, (Zoe Saldana plays Vanessa), Anthony, (played by Matthias Schoenaerts), who is currently in the grey bar hotel. Anthony is a really bad guy and he will soon be out of jail. He knows that his family (he and Vanessa have a little girl together) have been taken by Frank.

The characters of the film are rounded out by Marion Cotillard who plays Chris’ ex Monica. James Caan is Leon the father of the two brothers. Lili Taylor is the sister who tries to keep the family together.

Official synopsis:

Two brothers, on either side of the law, face off over organized crime in Brooklyn during the 1970s. (IMDb)

This film is set in the 70s and I kept feeling that 70s feeling. Starsky and Hutch had to be lurking somewhere. The atmosphere is totally 70s. The cars, the leisure suits and the music is all present and accounted for.

Acting is superior as one would think with such a cast .

I really liked this film. It’s gritty as most cop dramas should be and the characters are full bodied with real things to do. None of them are there just to look pretty. This film is more geared toward the male part of the popularity, but I found it entertaining, so other gals will also.

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