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'Blood Lake: Attack of the Killer Lampreys' has blood but nothing else

Blood Lake: Attack of the Killer Lampreys


"Blood Lake: Attack of the Killer Lampreys" is pretty terrible, the acting which has such names as Christopher Lloyd and Shannen Doherty didn't even help the movie. The film premiered tonight on Animal Planet for its Monster's Week. The film came from Asylum, a company known for its very z-rated movies.

Basically the film is about a town in Michigan that is being attacked by lampreys, so it's up to a small group to save the town. Jason Brooks ("Days of Our Lives") also starred in this z-rated wreck. He's the father that is always working, then the family bonds by killing lampreys that are attacking their new town. It's family fun night!

The dialogue is laughable, but really are we even suppose to take this movie seriously? It wasn't made to be taken serious, it was made for pure entertainment, the problem with that it was rarely entertaining. For a TV movie they really didn't mind throwing the FX in. There is one sick scene that will make this movie memorable, let's just say if you've seen it, then you know what happened to Christopher Lloyd's character. I wonder how much he got paid for that movie?

Like it's title, "Blood Lake," the movie doesn't disappoint with the bloody scenes. It was all over the 2 hour movie. The CGI of the lampreys were pretty terrible, but seeing that this is a low-budget movie, that's quite understandable. This movie is a 1 star flick, but it probably already knows that. It's good for what it is, and what it is, is a 1 star flick. It's not impressive, but if you like a lot of killer lampreys and blood, just forget about the characters!

If you want to watch a good and interesting movie about not going into the water watch "Jaws," now if you want a z-rated film then "Blood Lake," is that kind of movie. It's a movie not to be taken seriously, it was definitely made poorly just to add a little spice to Animal Planet's Monster Week. They should have stuck to documentaries instead of bad movies. It doesn't seem like a movie for the channel, maybe SYFY didn't want it?