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'Blood Glacier' DVD Review

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'Blood Glacier'


"Is this gonna be a stand-up fight or another bug hunt?" Pvt. Hudson - 'Aliens'

When dealing with 'Blood Glacier' it really doesn't matter, it's the fun that counts. This independent German horror film from director Marvin Kren is one part 1982's 'The Thing', one part 1979's 'Prophecy' with a little Heidi's grandfather crazy thrown in for good measure.

Janek (Gerhard Liebmann) is studying global warming in an isolated science station in the Swiss Alps. The rest of the team comes and goes but Janek has been there for five years strait. One day he and the rest of the research team find a glacier that is covered in an organic red material. They also find mutated animals running a muck. Janek's dog is attacked, more researchers arrive, and all hell breaks loose. Beatles combine with foxes, birds with spiders, and soon we have giant critters terrorizing the tundra. The mutations start getting larger and in the end one seems a little too human for comfort.

'Blood Glacier' is truly a crazy suspense filled ride. IFC Midnight has brought us a feature free DVD but the image and sound are good and the movie itself is worth the price of admission. There is a choice of the original German soundtrack or an English dub version. My advice as always is to watch this or any film in its native language, but in this case why not do both. The German is cool but the English version is just hilarious.

From 'Pod People' to 'Godmonster of Indian Flats' cornball scifi/horror flicks are always good for a belly laugh or two. This little entry is no exception to that rule. So pop up some corn, pour out a cold one, and let your mutated freak flag fly.