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'Blood Burn' by J.E. Fletcher

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Riverdale Avenue Books

Blood Burn by J.E. Fletcher


So you think you know everything about the zombie apocalypse? With the prevalence of zombie fiction out there as well as the popularity of “The Walking Dead” and “World War Z,” the jaded zombie fan may think that he has seen it all. J.E. Fletcher is not so sure that you know it all. What, she may ask, happens to werewolves and vampires in a zombie apocalypse? Her novel, “Blood Burn,” is here to shed some light on what happens to lycanthropes when faced with a couple types of vicious undead.

Layne Yow is being chased by vampires. This is not too terribly surprising since vampires hate werewolves and Layne is a werewolf. When she is rescued by another wolf, she thinks that things cannot get any worse for her. She soon finds out that she is wrong, however, when a zombie attacks the stranger’s secluded cabin. Zombies do not exist, Layne thought, but she is now running for her life into the hive of a vampire looking for a way to defeat this new threat.

Now the alliance of vampires and werewolves must come together to travel through a wasteland of a world to battle the new threat. Along the way, they will discover old evils that still grow and fester while facing a new threat that could destroy them all.

“Blood Burn” is a very fast-paced book that leaves little time for the reader to stop and reflect on the story and that is a good thing. While there is a lot of action, the underlying story really is little more than a façade to build the action upon. In reality, though, that is fine. “Blood Burn” is pure entertainment. Fletcher pulls no punches in writing the story and just keeps pushing forward from one action sequence to the next like a Hollywood blockbuster full of bullets and special effects. The novel is definitely much more flash than substance but there is nothing wrong with reading for pure entertainment.

“Blood Burn” is a kind of mash-up of the “Underworld” movies and “The Walking Dead.” It is mostly just window dressing with very little in the way of any real explanation or backstory but it works. It is an entertaining novel and that seems to be all that it was meant to be. If you are looking for a simple and exciting story about the zombie apocalypse with vampire and werewolf characters, then this is the book for you. If you are looking for a story that will make you think, then go elsewhere. “Blood Born” is a B-movie romp through the end of the world and for entertainment purposed, it does just fine.

I would like to give a special thank you to NetGalley and Riverdale Avenue Books for this review copy. “Blood Burn” is now available.

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