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Blondie's Diner offers little value to Poteau diners

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Blondie's Diner


Diners have always been a significant part of the restaurant world. Every town in America can claim one diner as part of its dining landscape. However, what happens when that diner does not help your town but hinder it? That is what this examiner discovered when he stopped by Blondie's Diner in Poteau.

Diners have been a part of this nation's culture for such a long time that the best diners often have a retro feel to them. However that is not always the case. A diner with a retro feel will usually feature decor from a bygone era, but they will never appear to be rundown. That can not be said for Blondie's Diner located at 1510 N. Broadway Street Poteau, OK 74953. This examiner had driven past Blondie's for years and decided to stop by one day. What he found was a restaurant where the owners seemed to care little for how their business looked and ran. The diner looked like most diners did in 1973. However, other diners have remodeled their establishments since then. Service at Blondie's is at best a suggestion. This examiner's waitress gave him the impression that she has been working for so long that she was ready for a career change. She offered her customers (which consisted of this examiner and possibly one other patron) minimal attention, and made almost no small talk that servers would normally make during the order process. Another problem with Blondie's is that they do not offer items that they advertise. This examiner was initially going to have the lunch buffet that was advertised on the sign outside but found out that the restaurant stopped serving a lunch buffet. Unfortunately, someone forgot to take the sign advertising the buffet down. Considering the multitude of problems that Blondie's has, it will surprise many that the food is actually quite good.

Despite Blondie's failures as a restaurant, they do serve good food. Blondie's best dishes are their burgers. This examiner had one on the day that he visited and found it to be comparable to many of Fort Smith's best burger places like Benson's Grill, George's Restaurant and The Hamburger Barn. Unfortunately, that is where it ends for Blondie's Diner. The food is good but their service is terrible, they advertise items that they do not serve and the ambiance is reminiscent of a 1970s B-movie. In short, if you are looking for a good restaurant to have lunch at in Poteau, you ought to go somewhere else.

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