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Blessings upon Israel in "On Holy Ground," by Stephanie Liss

theater, drama


Making its Chicago debut , Genesis Theatrical Productions presents "On Holy Ground," a combination of two one acts written by Stephanie Liss, performed together and linked by a common theme.

Daughter of my People tells the story of trailblazing pioneer, Henrietta Szold, a woman ahead of her times who falls in love with the state of Israel, saves children's lives through the mission of Youth Aliyah, and forms Hadassah, an international women's Zionist organization.

Jihad is the story of two mothers, one Israeli, one Palestinian, whose fates unite after a tragic suicide bombing in Jerusalem.

The cast includes Lily Savage; Patricia Rogers; Michelle McKenzie-Voight; and Ann James, directed by Elayne LeTraunik.

These profound, powerful one acts provide a backdrop, a parable, as it were, of the modern day , yet age old problem of cultures co-existing on the West Bank. The story concerns two mothers, both loving and protective of their daughters, but for extremely different reasons. The Israeli mom is proud of her daughter blossoming into an adult, while the Arab mom has infiltrated in her daughter that a suicide/martyr mission is the ultimate ticket to redemption and paradise. On Holy Ground,in the old city of Jerusalem, the true mecca for both Judaism and Islam, this provocative play takes place, deeply stirring and resonating with each privileged audience.

This powerful play reveals the oft told tragedy that is a recurrent theme in modern day Gaza. The irony of a holy ground, ripe for more bodies, ever glorified in terrible stories of love, life, and loss.

The writing, acting, and direction are stellar in this production, truly capturing the essence of songwriter Sam Baker (himself a victim/survivor of a terrorist act), "Everyone is at the mercy of another one's dream.".

This show has the potential to bridge differences and animosity, and in turn, spread love, peace, and compassion. Od yavo shalom aleynu.

Thru May 14th

Tickets : 800- 838 3006 ext 1

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