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Blended to perfection

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Film, Blended


Frankly I have never been all that “wowed” by either Adam Sandler or Drew Barrymore. Add to that my understanding of the plot summary, mainly being about two single parents who have one bad date and then end up at a five star resort in South Africa seemed just a bit too far out there. So when I entered the theater to watch “Blended” my expectations were very low. What a joy full and for me totally unexpected treat.

From moment one this movie is hilarious but without being silly. The performances given by Sandler and Barrymore were Oscar quality as were the performances of every cast member. Okay so the story line was a little farfetched but it turned out to be a solid film about children and their parents present, dead or otherwise removed. The dynamics of the relationships are all compelling and ultimately very sweet. Yes it was a little predictable but then every commercial film ends with credits. That doesn’t make it bad.

The cinematography was brilliantly executed and the audience receives a steady stream of visual treats along with unrelenting and thoroughly enjoyable humor. And almost as if to assure it would be a “big” film Shaquille O’Neal has a supporting role. In the end all of the pieces fit together with cinematic perfection and “Blended” delivers what I believe is the best film of the year. A most happy and pleasant surprise for me, I am sure you will enjoy the “Blended” experience equally.

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