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'Blended' is the best Adam Sandler movie in a decade

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What would you say was the last good Adam Sandler movie? You can joke and say that a “good Adam Sandler movie” is an oxymoron, but he does have some good films under his belt. There have been some okay ones in the past number of years that include “Just Go with It” and “Grown Ups”, but it has been a very long time since there has been a truly good movie from the actor, a decade to be precise. “50 First Dates” was a really good one from him and it co-starred Drew Barrymore, who he also worked with on “The Wedding Singer.” They are back together again this Memorial Day weekend in “Blended” and it is another gem from the two actors.

Jim (Sandler) and Lauren (Barrymore) are single parents who have just gone out on the worst blind date with one another. Lauren is raising two boys back at home while Jim is trying to raise three girls. The two want nothing to do with the other after their disaster of a date, but they keep running into each other. It all comes to a head when the two families wind up on an African vacation together.

A big factor on why Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore’s previous collaborations have worked is that the two have such great chemistry on screen and that has not faded in “Blended.” The two play off each other so well and just looks like they are meant to be together. The movie is funny and both actors get their share of laughs. It’s obvious everyone had a fun time making this movie and it shows.

Something else that “Blended” possesses that is often lacking in an Adam Sandler movie is heart. You don’t often hear words like “sentimental” or “emotional core” to describe a Sandler movie, but those words can be used this time. In movies such as “That’s My Boy” and “Jack and Jill” you could not care less about any of the characters. Here, all the characters are fully developed and you care not only about Jim and Lauren, but all their children too. All the actors do great jobs.

The laughs do not only come from its two leads, the supporting cast of “Blended” all get to have their share of laugh out loud moments during the movie. Sandler’s SNL co-star, Kevin Nealon is a funny supporting role. Terry Crews pops up at the oddest moments in the movie and he practically steals all those scenes. Even Shaquille O'Neal is fun to watch. Did you ever think you’d read that sentence about a movie?

In the “old days” Memorial Day Weekend was considered the kicking off point of the summer movie season. Now, it begins on the first weekend of May. Up until now, while the movies have been making decent money, they have hardly been quality films. “Blended” is truly kicking off the summer movie season because it is actually the first summer movie that is worth seeing. It is rated PG-13 for crude and sexual content, and language.

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