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Blame It On The Mistletoe: A Novel of Bright’s Pond, by Joyce Magnin

Reality and humor mix in this delightful, unforgettable Christmas tale!
by Joyce Magnin

...cast of eccentric, quirky, lovable characters, from Bright’s Pond, PA in a rollicking, down-home, Christmas mystery, romance


Seattle’s own

Blame It On The Mistletoe: A Novel of Bright’s Pond, by Joyce Magnin, Abingdon Press, 2011, 368 Pages, ISBN-13: 978-1426711626, $14.99

“I’m telling you… a magic spell has fallen over Greenbrier…,” Agnes said to forty-three-year-old Griselda Sparrow, as she settled her 700 pound frame into the nursing home wheelchair.

It had been Agnes’s “skyrocketing” weight that forced Griselda to check her obese sister into Greenbrier when she could no longer care for her at home, with the aid of a “forklift” no less. Now, sixty-five pounds lighter, Griselda knew it had been the best choice for them both.

Agnes continued telling Griselda about the resident’s strange behavior—it’s like they turned into children overnight, she finished. From ninety-year-old Hattie Grace who raced her “candy-apple red” tricycle down the halls, to senior residents dancing and “making out” at the new gazebo, to the couple who applied for a marriage license and even some who’d taken to climbing trees like they were kids.

Agnes said Nurse Sally feared they would hurt themselves, break a leg or something, while she wondered if they had brain tumors or just had simply become a bit touched.

Join this cast of eccentric, quirky, lovable characters, from the small town of Bright’s Pond, PA in a rollicking, down-home, Christmas tale of mystery, romance and adventure. From Police Chief Mildred Blessing who suspects someone put something in the resident’s drinking water, to Griselda who’s torn between long-time boyfriend, Zeb and her new flight instructor Cliff. To three-legged Mickey Mantle, the pooch Ivy brings to visit Greenbrier’s residents each week.

Then there’s mysterious Leon, who resurrectedParadise’s trailer park fountain then built the nursing home gazebo. That’s when residents began to act like they’d found the Fountain of Youth. What kind of mischief was he up to anyway, or had the entire town been infected with a magical virus?

Blame it on the Mistletoe, book four in the Bright Pond series, also a stand-alone Christmas title, is both humorous and serious, filled with laughable, lovable, quirky characters that capture reader’s hearts and leaves the spirit of Christmas behind. Charming! Engaging and fun! This delightful book belongs in someone’s Christmas stocking!

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