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One of the best sleeper hits that exists! Blacksad is the perfect comic, honestly, there are no negatives to this book. Well known around the world but still remains a secret gem in the mainstream comic world despite it's amazing buzz and great reviews. Right of the bat, this is a 5 out of 5. Written by Juan Diaz Canales and illustrated by Juanjo Guarnido, Blacksad is like a gritty Disney movie that tackles mature issues in the most entertaining and coolest way.

Dark Horse Books
Dark Horse Books

The story's use of anthropomorphic(meaning nonhuman things taking on human characteristics) animal characters in the imagery gives Blacksad a fantastical look and atmosphere of great cartoons that featured animals portrayed humanly like almost every Disney cartoon, Darkwing Duck for instance, and classic cartoons like Bugs Bunny and Tom and Jerry. This gives the series a unique style and take on the issues brought forward in Blacksad's stories in which the theme tells a story in a way that only Blacksad can.

My favorite story so far has been Arctic Nation which is the best example of storytelling on a sensitive subject in the most creative of ways. Taking place in the high snowy north, white fur supremacists spread hate and a little brown-furred girl is kidnapped. This story tackles racial tension through it's animal theme using that fact that animals have different fur like a zebra's is black and white. It's a portrait of human beliefs in a what-if-world of animal people in our place, how would they treat and look at one another if they acted like and thought like us.

With it's classic noir style and unique theme, Juan Diaz Canales tells great mystery tales dealing with lost love, racism, drug addiction, jealousy, and everything that makes fantastic stories. After reading, you'll be wishing this would one day become a series of animated films because of it's marvelous imagery and fascinating story.

Jaunjo Guarnido's watercolor illustration is by far the best I've seen in a graphic novel. the expressions on the characters faces, the way they stand, sit, move, and the mannerisms when doing so is stunning. The backgrounds and settings are incredibly detailed and awe-inspiring in color. Flashbacks and such are displayed with a color overtone such as blues and grays that help readers easily distinguish points in time or the tone of a situation, a wonderful mechanic implemented by the writer and artist.

Canales and Guarnido are a genius duo who have created what I and many consider to be one of the best graphic novels ever made. For me personally, Blacksad is number one on my list of favorite comics ever read and I have high no doubt it will have high acclaim in your favorites when you read this series. Dark Horse currently has the first three stories in hardcover addition, the most recent story titled Blacksad: A Silent Hell released, and soon the newest installment Blacksad: Amarillo hitting stores very soon.

Despite the many reviews and articles over recent years, this book always warrants more news because of it's rarity of unique theme and new releases that will hopefully have much more on the way.