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Black Panther: Man Without Fear

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Black Panther


I have to say, the cover struck me as a must have. Thankfully, after reading it, this book was well worth the time. Brilliantly written by David Liss, once you pick up this comic you won't want to put it down.

The story takes place with Daredevil leaving Hell's Kitchen and wanting T'Challa to take his place. The city was without protection for quite some time as T'Challa started to fill into the role of living in, and learning, the city. The criminals, being without Daredevil, their now competing against one another to be the most hated criminal mind.

Liss did a great job not going into side details of who the different criminal gangs were of the city and keeping focus to the antagonist of the city, Vlad - a Russian criminal with a power to turn mass into energy for a short period of time.

T'Challa takes his role as Black Panther and makes sure his stamp is seen by all the criminals of the city, especially Vlad. This comic is a fantastic introduction story that sets Black Panther against Vlad, leaving you hanging to see what happens next.