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'Black Out' snatches the pulp out of this fiction

Black Out


Fans of Crime Thrillers made by Quentin Tarantino ("Pulp Fiction") and Guy Ritchie ("Snatch") will be happy to hear that there is a new Dutch import that almost matches those great films. Entitled "Black Out", it plays for one late night showing this Friday at the Hollywood Theater.

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Borrowing weird characters, wild set-ups and wicked scenarios from those renowned Directors. However adding enough fresh twists and a dark sense of humor to make it truly unique. Take for example, in one scene where a pair of female enforcers reference how women are never the boss and are always the wives or mistresses in gangster films.

A retired criminal, out of the game for ten years, awakes on the day before his wedding not to his bride, but to a dead man. To make matters worse he can't remember anything from the night before. Soon there after, he learns he's in debt to the local mob for twenty kilos of Cocaine and that the cops are on the lookout for him, as well. Being squeezed on both sides he must find his old crew to commit another caper. Maybe then he can get married and finally live happily ever after.

Throw in a little mystery to keep the viewer guessing, a quick wit and lots of fast edited jump cuts and you have a film by first-time Director Arne Toonen that leaves quite an impression. It would be criminal not to mention that if you can't make the screening in Pittsburgh on February 21st, "Black Out" will also be available on VOD. Visit the Doppelgänger Releasing site for more information on theater dates and cable carriers.