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Black Ops II Revolution DLC review


Black Ops II Revolution


The first Call of Duty: Black Ops II DLC, Revolution, was released earlier this week. Revolution includes a wide range of new content with additional maps, a new weapon, and a new game mode.

Turned lets you become a zombie.


Revolution includes a new zombies map called "Die Rise" as well as a new zombie-based game mode called "Turned." I have never really been into the whole zombies thing but Die Rise is a pretty good map that provides an intense challenge. It is easy to get surrounded in some of the narrow hallways so you really need to work together with your teammates on this map in order to make it to later rounds. There are a lot of good weapons available right near the spawn (such as the PDW-57) which help to make it fun right from the get go.

Turned allows players to actually become the zombie. It is a very fast-paced mode that is a nice change for zombies fans. It adds a new competitive element to the mode because you are actually playing against the other three players. It is one human against three zombie players. If a zombie kills the human, he becomes the next human. The human must survive as long as possible and can be equipped with either a shotgun or reverse Gun Game settings where each kill gives him a better gun.

Peacekeeper SMG:

Revolution comes with a new downloadable submachine gun called the Peacekeeper. It is billed as having the range and accuracy of an assault rifle with the maneuverability of a submachine gun. I am a run-and-gunner who uses submachine guns pretty much exclusively so I was skeptical of how effective this gun would be at first. After a few games with it, however, I realized it is an absolute beast.

This gun really is the best of both worlds. The Peacekeeper makes you move a little bit slower than the other SMGs do, but not as much as carrying a full-fledged assault rifle would. The trade off is that it is much more accurate at medium or even long ranges than any other SMG in the game (especially with a red dot sight). I use the PDW-57 most of the time and have gotten used to the fact that if someone is a certain distance away from me, I might as well not even bother to shoot at them. That isn't the case with the Peacekeeper. You can pick people off from across the map with this thing and yet you can still move around the map quickly. This gun is perfect for Kill Confirmed and it alone is worth downloading Revolution for.

Multiplayer Maps:

There are four new multiplayer maps included in the Revolution DLC.

Hydro - Hydro takes place at a hydroelectric power plant in Pakistan. It is a very small, symmetrical map. Hydro's size is its biggest downfall. The map is just way too small, especially for objective based game modes like Domination. It is very easy to get spawn trapped on this map and most of the time people just end up resorting to camping. The fact that the central waterway periodically gets flushed out with a wave of water that kills anybody currently standing in it doesn't help people to want to move around. Hydro was my least favorite map included with the new DLC and may even be my least favorite map in the whole game.

Mirage - Mirage is a desert map which at first I wasn't a fan of because it brought back bad memories of being repeatedly sniped on Afghan. Luckily, Mirage is far less wide open. There is a main building in the middle of the map with some smaller buildings and notable places (like the swimming pool) surrounding it. One of the best parts about the map is there aren't too many second story windows to watch. The main building has a few levels but there aren't windows overlooking the rest of the map. Snipers won't find very much success on this map, which for a run-and-gunner like me, is definitely a good thing. Mirage is a very well designed map that rewards people for moving around and grows on you the more you play it.

Grind - Grind takes place at a skate park. This map is really hit or miss and how it plays depends a lot on what type of people are in the current lobby. It is supposed to be tough on camping with the curvature of many of the walls, but that doesn't seem like the case because most of the time people congregate in the middle building. Overall, the map seems much more camper friendly than intended and there's really nothing special about it. The biggest plus side to Grind is that it is mostly ground-level gameplay. There aren't a ton of windows for people to pick you off from which is good.

Downhill - Downhill is my favorite of the new maps simply for aesthetic reasons. It is a snow map and looks absolutely awesome. There's even a snow man! The map is pretty wide open and a fairly decent size which makes objective-based gametypes work really well on it. The moving ski lifts were also a nice touch. Players can stay behind them as moving cover but if you get in front of one at the wrong time, it'll crush you. Other than that, it is a fairly standard CoD map, but I'm okay with that.

So the biggest question is whether or not Call of Duty: Black Ops II Revolution is worth paying 1,200 Microsoft Points for. I'd have to say yes. The Peacekeeper is a very good weapon for players who use a run-and-gun play style. Although Hydro and Grind are nothing to write home about, Mirage and Downhill are both maps that Black Ops II desperately needed. It gets tiresome playing the same maps over and over again and Revolution brings a breath of fresh air to matchmaking.

Final Score: 4 / 5

(This review was based off a review copy of the DLC).


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