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Black Jesus has my seal of approval

Black Jesus and his followers
Black Jesus and his followers
Adult Swim

Black Jesus


Maybe I'm getting old, and that's okay, but I had never heard of Black Jesus until about two weeks ago. The only reason I discovered it is because a co-worker told me a little of the plot and how funny it was. At first, I was like, "Whaaaaatttttt?" She just said, "You have to watch to see what I mean." Today, I finally did just that.

Now, I could lie and act all high and mighty and write that I hated watching Black Jesus because it's blasphemous and uncouth, but I would be lying to you. Flat out lying. Being truthful, Black Jesus is absolutely hilarious.

Basically, episodes follow a fictional Black Jesus as he and his loyal followers come up with schemes and live in modern-day Compton. They deal with extortion from gangs, drive-by shootings, homeless people, and being broke. I've personally never seen anything like this before...Black Jesus walks and lives in the "hood" and partakes in all kinds of unlikely behavior.

If you like controversial satirical shows like American Dad, South Park, Family Guy, or Chappelle's Show, it's likely you'll enjoy Black Jesus. Plus, you'll probably recognize some familiar faces such as Charlie Murphy, John Witherspoon, Corey Holcomb, and Andrew "King Bach" Bachelor. I will warn you that some may become offended because the show has profanity, drug use, drinking, biblical sayings intertwined in some of the dialogue, and Jesus taking part in all of these activities. As a matter of fact, some conservative Christians have boycotted the show. So, if you are one to easily get offended, Black Jesus is definitely not the show for you.

What I like most is that even though Black Jesus is supposed to make us laugh at the foolishness, it also makes us take a good look at how "imperfect" we are, even if we do identify with Christianity. Take, for instance, the character Boonie's mom. She outright says that she is a good Christian woman, but she turns around and curses, makes fun of her son for being fat and "just like his father," and is greedy and money-hungry. Christian people like her do exist. Heck, I know Christians like this. What does this mean? We are not perfect, and we all sin...even if we go to church faithfully.

Now, the acting and set isn't award-winning, but I like it overall, nonetheless. I'll be sure to watch the entire season, too. Aaron McGruder, creator of The Boondocks, is behind the new show, so if you're interested in watching, Black Jesus comes on Cartoon Network at 11pm on Thursdays.