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Black Hogg: The beauty of life in every bite

Black Hogg


Not many times in life do you get to experience something that changes your perspective and blows your mind. Dining out is usually considered an activity used to talk and hang out with friends, more a medium than a centerpiece. However, when you get to experience a meal that brings bliss, you get to enjoy one of life's rarest and greatest luxuries: self-sustaining enjoyment. Luckily, in Silver Lake, a neighborhood known for unique culinary experiences, exists a gem of a restaurant named Black Hogg awaiting to give you enlightenment.

Samuel Baek
Simple and luxurious food at Black Hogg
Tulika Bansari


Black Hogg is simple and this can be seen in all their attributes. The storefront has a single illuminating sign with their name out front above a black canopy. The facade is all window and the interior is decorated simple, almost bare. Using a color scheme of maple wood and beige walls, it feels as though there was a lack of funding that went into creating the dining room. However, when the food starts coming out, you start to see where the money went to.


The service is given with pride. Sitting inside the restaurant, it is clear to see the dining room space is small, allowing perhaps about fifty diners at most, including the bar space. Even the host's podium is small and placed to the side. Yet, you get a sense the owners created this space on purpose so each table receives personalize service instead of feeling like cattle in a stable. Each server is happy and gives great advice on the menu. There is no fakeness to the service. Instead, pride quietly radiates itself in every word spoken and action taken by the servers, and pride usually means the food coming out the kitchen will be amazing.


To call the creations that come out of the kitchen "food" is an overwhelming understatement. Instead, each plate is a masterpiece that brings introspection and self-reflection. Take the "Popcorn" Bacon appetizer. This small plate of bite-sized bacon cubes is served with a side of maple crema. Together, these two bring you back to the first time you discovered the genius of bacon and pancakes. It's a nostalgic throwback to Saturday morning cartoons and a weekend ready for adventure. Then comes the Brussels Sprout Hash. This dish will become the craving you never knew you had. Braised with a bacon vinaigrette, the sugar in the sauce caramelizes and gives the perfect blend of savory and sweet when mixed with the golden yolk goodness of the poached egg. If you are one of the lucky ones, order the Marrow Burger before it runs out. This burger is an ode to simplicity creating complex flavors. The burger itself isn't large, about the width of a man's palm. Underneath the buns is house blended beef and slow cooked onions; however, it's the roasted bone marrow next to the burger that fuels anticipation. Once adding the decadent bone marrow into the burger, you get a beautifully complex flavor out of four simple ingredients. No sauce is necessary nor vegetables. Instead, the only thing added will be the smile put on your face after completion. Finally, the conclusion to the culinary adventure can be found in the dessert. One of the best is the Milk & Honey. Imagine a creme brulee except much creamier and simpler. The silkiness of the pure milk panna cotta is contrasted by the crunchiness of the honeycomb crumble. Each bite is heavenly and the best way to describe it would be like tasting a dream.


Gasping for air and exclaiming words of "Oh my God!" usually means someone is dying. Luckily at Black Hogg, it's a sign you're awakening from the complacency of boring food. In a city where life moves so fast and people are looking for the next big thing, time slows down and stories are told in each plate of food at this innovative restaurant. If you're looking for self-discovery and a taste of one of the most complete meals you'll ever have, Black Hogg is the adventure you've been longing for.

DineLA's Restaurant Week (July 14 - July 27) is in full swing at Black Hogg. Take advantage of the prix fixe dinner for $35.

Black Hogg
2852 W Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90026
(323) 953-2820

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