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Black Dynamite Complete first season comes to Blu-ray and DVD

Black Dynamite Complete First Season


If you’ve never seen the Black Dynamite film starring Michael Jai White then you are truly missing out. This spoof and tribute to the Blaxploitation films from the 70’s was easily one of the funniest movies to come along on the subject in some time and quickly gained a cult following. While everyone was eagerly awaiting the expected sequel, that is still planned, instead we are given something even more, an animated series featuring Black Dynamite himself Michael Jai White.

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The series follows a 1970s renaissance man with a kung-fu grip. He is a lover and a fighter who is not afraid to leap before he looks. His sidekick extraordinaire is Bullhorn, the brains and cunning that complements Black Dynamite’s hard-hittin’, bone-crushin’ style. Providing comic relief on the mean streets is Cream Corn and classing up the place is the gorgeous Honey Bee. This series took everything that made the film so great and amped it up to a whole new level. The animation is awesome looking a lot like Afro Samurai with a groovy 70s vibe that fits all the characters and world perfectly. Unlike most animated series based off a live action film, this one featured not only White but the other members of the original cast including Tommy Davidson, Byron Minns, and Kym Whitley as well as guest voices including Snoop Dogg, Eddie Griffin, Arsenio Hall, Charlie Murphy, J.B. Smoove, and Aries Spears. Each episode was more ridiculously brilliant than the next not only featuring plenty of kung-fu action, but also a touch of science fiction and just overall bizarreness. This is easily one of the most creative and outrageous animated series to come along in some time and one that is sure to entertain anyone that is a fan of the original film or the exploitation films of the 70s.

Do not let the fact that this is an animated series fool you, this is an adult series through and through. While we still have awhile to wait before season two premieres on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, thankfully you can grab your copy featuring all 10 episodes when Black Dynamite Season One comes to Blu-ray and DVD on July 15th.

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