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'Bitten: The Complete First Season' DVD Review

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'Bitten: The Complete First Season'


Elena Michaels (Laura Vandervoort) has just moved to a new city and a new life. She is a photographer by trade and has already found a new boyfriend. Her life is almost perfect until she gets a call to come home. Home is Stonehaven and it is her ancestral domain. There's just one really hug problem about going home. One is her former boyfriend still lives there and Elena is not to interested in seeing him. The second is she is the only woman that will be there. Finally, she will be among her werewolf brothers and she doesn't want to go back there, ever.

Elena wasn't born a werewolf. She was turned into one by her former boyfriend. She was enjoying being a regular person again. She was not at all bothered that she left her kin. What bothers her now is that she is back at Stonehaven and that she is being torn by both worlds. The world of a new life, a new boyfriend, and a new job. The worst is that the instinct is back and she can't ignore it. That pack mentality is instilled in her being and it's something that is very strong inside of her. The two worlds don't know of each other and she wants to keep it that way.

The series is based on the Otherworld novels written by Kelley Armstrong. The problem I always have when you have a great novel and you want to turn it into a TV series is, lets just say they don't always turn out to be great TV. This show on the other hand is pretty true to the book. It makes good entertainment and I don't even like werewolves stories.

Eone is responsible for bringing this DVD set of the first season of 'Bitten'. The DVD set will be out August 12, 2014. The DVDs are of the highest quality. There are no problems with the audio and visual effects of the set. This is something that is worth picking up and keeping in your library. This is going to be one of those series that will have a long run. Season two doesn't start until early 2015. So this will give you time to catch up on all the thirteen episodes. Take the time to enjoy 'Bitten' and don't let the werewolf bite ya.