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Bioshock Infinite’s Burial at Sea: Episode Two dlc completes the epic storyline

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The final dlc for Irrational Game’s under the sea/up in the sky epic brings the entire story full circle. The much-anticipated conclusion to the Burial at Sea storyline did not disappoint as players again returned to Andrew Ryan’s doomed city at the bottom of the Atlantic – Rapture.

Burial at Sea: Episode One had players enter the recreated undersea metropolis as Booker DeWitt, the protagonist from Infinite, in what seemed to be a film noir style spin-off. But it quickly became obvious that this wasn’t just a nostalgic romp through Rapture. Keeping with tradition, the ending surprised and shocked – and it didn’t end there.

Burial at Sea: Episode Two puts the player in Elizabeth’s shoes as she encounters the dangerous Atlas, whom she agrees to work for in exchange for the life of a little sister he and his splicers have captured. Gameplay differs slightly from the first episode. With Booker, one could play as they always have, taking enemies head-on with a full array of weapons and plasmids. For Elizabeth, it’s a different story. She has fewer weapons and ammo, and not many plasmids that are good for battle. Instead, stealth is the key to survival in the leaky Fontaine Futuristics compound. New plasmids and sneaking tactics are introduced to help Elizabeth work her way around Splicers, Big Daddies, turrets, and more. Lucky for players, Elizabeth is extremely smart, resourceful, and far from helpless. She remains one of the strongest female leads the gaming world has seen in a long while and definitely needs more of.

For those who played the first Bioshock game, they will enjoy all the references back to the first game, as what went on behind the scenes is revealed. Amongst them - the fall of Rapture, the creation of the little sisters, and Jack finding his way to the underwater city. Irrational games has proven that they are master storytellers, and this dlc is no exception. With every twist and turn up until the final climax, the player is kept on edge and in the end the circle is complete. Now that Irrational Games is dissolving, it is unknown whether any more Bioshock games will be released. If not, the Burial at Sea episodes are a fitting tribute, and a perfect way to tie up loose ends. Long live the world of Bioshock!