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Bioshock Infinite returns to Rapture in Burial at Sea dlc

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In stark contrast to the bright skies and extremists of the floating city Columbia, comes the opposite side of the coin that started the Bioshock series – Rapture. The city under the sea where there are “no gods or kings, only man” is the setting for the newest dlc released for Infinite. Transporting the two main characters Booker and Elizabeth to the late 1950’s era on the ocean floor.
This isn’t quite the Rapture players will remember though. The events taking place occur before the civil war and fall of the city, so the city is seen well populated in all its glory. But not all is as perfect as it seems. The turmoil can be seen lingering near the surface all around, with words of a passerby, propaganda videos, and your first glimpse of the little sisters.
Without giving away too much of the story, the main premise is quite like an old noire story, with the beautiful and mysterious young woman named Elizabeth coming to detective Booker DeWitt with information about a missing girl named Sally. Players take control of Booker with Elizabeth coming along to aid his investigation. Veterans of the series will recognize cameos and name-drops from the earlier games – Sander Cohen, Brigid Tenenbaum, Andrew Ryan, and Frank Fontaine to name a few. And the environments aren’t recycled from the old games either, but rebuilt with the new engine. The graphics and imagery are gorgeous – Rapture has never looked better.
Not only are the main characters brought into this under-the-sea mix, but plasmids, tears, and other elements are present to truly merge the two worlds. Gameplay starts off a little slow, but the grandeur of the surroundings and catching up on dialogue to get into the story keeps the player occupied. Battle sequences are fast-paced, forcing players to think on their feet and combine everything they know from both Columbia and Rapture to take down their enemies.
With episode one being available since November 12th of this past year and a teaser trailer for episode two recently released, players will soon be able to learn how the plot will come full circle, no doubt with a series of twists and turns to keep them guessing the entire time. And it has been revealed that Elizabeth will be the playable character in the upcoming installment. For now though, episode one will definitely appeal to fans of both Columbia and Rapture and is a must play, leaving high expectations for episode two.