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'BioShock Infinite' is a perfect, unique and entertaining ride

BioShock Infinite review (Xbox 360)


One of the most anticipated games that was scheduled for release this year was "BioShock Infinite," and it was coming from the publisher 2K and developing studio Irrational Games, along with a whole lot of expectations.

What do you think about this game?
What do you think about this game?
What do you think about this game?

Today, the verdict has been delivered on the "cloud-based," first-person shooter starring "independent contractor" Booker DeWitt.

There are a fair amount of games that have a hard time meeting the expectations consumers place on an upcoming game, but "BioShock Infinite" takes those standards, and blows them away.

Set during the early 1900's, United States Cavalry veteran, Booker DeWitt, finds himself behind the financial eight ball with people who do not forgive so easily. Consequently, he is given only one chance to clean his slate.

His task that would provide this change is to rescue a talented, yet mysterious young woman named Elizabeth, who has been imprisoned since she was just a small child. As she has been held in captivity on the flying city of Columbia, DeWitt makes his way to find her and try to complete his task.

"Infinite" starts players off with DeWitt arriving to a mysterious light tower during a torrential downpour, where he finds himself in a less than expected situation.

The opening scene does a great job of introducing players to the current situation surrounding DeWitt as well as the marvelous visuals the Unreal Engine creates throughout the game. Waves look extremely convincing, especially when they crash against the island of where the light tower is located.

"BioShock Infinite's" controls are very simple and straightforward, like any first-person shooter's (FPSs) functions are. Those who engage in FPSs on a regular basis will surely greet the control scheme with seamless interaction.

Right off the bat, gamers are rewarded for their exploratory nature, if they so choose to immediately attack the game as such. "BioShock Infinite" is filled with countless amounts of silver eagles (money), ammo, salt, food and drinks for players to consume as they march along in this story.

The person, who is adventurous and likes to explore every nook and cranny this world has to offer, will be richly rewarded with many resources they need as the game progresses.

DeWitt's health improvement is found in a very practical, logical way, which provides a very strong sense of reality to the game's overall feel.

If you are someone who doesn't want to miss a single detail of this game right from the start, then it is best to be very methodical with your exploration. While the main missions take you on a straight path from one point to another, there is so much more to Columbia than meets the eye.

Columbia itself is a gorgeous, imaginative expression of a city floating in the clouds, and it serves as the perfect canvas for the events of "Infinite."

"BioShock Infinite" displays an artistry and style that is completely original in its context. Some people believe finding an original game is difficult to accomplish, but this game will end your search.

From the buildings, to the streets, to the clothes people are wearing all throughout "Infinite," the time in humanity during which this game takes place is wonderfully illustrated.

The game's world and setting showoff a myriad of different cultures, landscapes and styles that have been masterfully blended together to create the city of Columbia. It is a perfect piece of game development.

This all makes one wonder how a game such as "Infinite" would end up looking on next-generation consoles. It would most likely be breath taking.

"BioShock Infinite's" gameplay rocks, as gamers can equip themselves with various vigors that allow them to have different strengths throughout the game.

Types of vigors vary, as one utilizes killer crows to distract enemies while you take them down, while another one throws flaming grenades that explode and take your enemies down in a fiery blaze.

Enemies do indeed become varied throughout "Infinite" from many perspectives. There are both male and female enemies that try and stand in DeWitt's way. That is something not always seen in games.

Policeman are not the only type of enemy, as players who end up taking money from those who are not offering it, can quickly become hostile toward you.

Those same vigors that you might use against your enemies, are also sometimes in the possession of enemies you face. In addition, whatever vigor your enemy currently may be using, you should not counter with the same vigor.

The city of Columbia is extremely interactive and provides various resources for players to utilize when engaged in combat. Certain objects are explosive, which can serve as a valuable assist.

As gamers go through the story and they team-up with Elizabeth, she becomes your best friend as she notices many things you may not in any given area.

Elizabeth finds cash you do not see and tosses you the extra income. She also helps you stay alive in combat as she tosses you items to help increase your help. Another aspect to her arsenal is her ability to open locked doors when you possess a certain amount of keys.

While the combat is very unpredictable, its melee system is equally as vicious. When enemies close in on gamers, they can then utilize their melee weapon to grind away potential threats.

The shooting system works extremely well with the flow of gameplay, as it is simple, yet complex. Gamers have the choice of many guns to use throughout the game, and while they are simple themselves, they are very effective in their execution.

Players will establish a weapon favorite of their own as they move through "Infinite," but the shotgun is one entertaining vessel of destruction. Certain enemies carry more ammo of a specific weapon, so that may end up influencing your weapon of choice as well.

The transportation that players can use to get around Columbia is a load of fun and one heck of a ride, no-pun intended if there is one. Players eventually obtain a sky-hook that allows them to scream across Columbia's Sky-Lines.

When players arrive at any given destination with an enemy on guard, they have the chance of making unique assaults on their enemies as they come down from the Sky-Line.

"BioShock Infinite" offers one of the most unique experiences seen in years. This game is perfect from its visuals, to its gameplay, to its story.

Anyone who purchases this title will not be disappointed, but will only be wondering when they can get their hands on the next installment.

"Infinite" is a masterpiece waiting for any gamer to enjoy. It receives's allusive five stars out of five.


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