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Billy Idol appears in concert at House Of Blues in Showboat Atlantic City

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Billy Idol appears in concert at House Of Blues in Showboat Atlantic City


Idol is still the idol of his throngs of fans. Appearing at The House of Blues in Showboat Atlantic City, Saturday evening, May 31, 2014 Idol brought his famous punk sounds back to Atlantic City.

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Idol, who had pretty much remained idle throughout the late 90’s, arrived looking fit and anxiousready to turn up the heat. The packed House of Blues was the second stop for many of Idols devotees, as they held a “Pre Concert” get together in the Foundation Room just down the hall from the “HOB Showroom” prior to the start of the concert.

Idol, who hasn’t made an album since 1993, is about to release a new CD that is scheduled to be named “Kings and Queens of the Underground,“ with a release date of October 2014.

Even as the audience waited for the concert to begin, they began the chanting and cheering, standing up close to the barricade that separated them from the stage. Idol’s fans were already waving and whistling … just anticipating the concert start, which was pretty much on time.

As the band, a keyboard, a drummer and two guitarists ran out from behind the side curtain and took their place on stage, the pandemonium began. When Idol strolled out on stage the room exploded with screams and yells for Idol’s personal attention.

Idol danced around the stage from side to side ensuring that the entire room got an opportunity to see him up close. He made an effort at different times throughout the concert to reach across the barrier and slap the hands of his fans that were desperately reaching out to him as he neared them while he continued to perform, never missing a beat.

Idol made sure the ninety minute show, that contained eighteen songs followed by a two song encore, covered all the songs his followers came to hear including his best known hits, “White Wedding” and “Rebel Yell.”

By the time the show ended with “Mony Mony” the whole room was nearing a frenzy and joined Idol singing every word of every verse while waving and swinging their arms above their heads.

Billy Idol was born William Broad, November 30, 1955 in Middlesex, England. He left Sussex University in 1976 to join the punk movement, specifically the group of Sex Pistol fans called the Bromley Contingent.

Many members then went on to form their own bands and Idol started Generation X with Tony James. Generation X achieved marginal success during the punk 1970’s primarily in England with Idol singing lead. The band split up in 1981 and Idol came to the states.

His debut album, “Billy Idol” came in 1982 and was on the charts two years spawning the hits, “White Wedding” and “Hot In The City” which also helped Idol become seen as a more mainstream rock figure. Idol became even more of a rock cult figure with his second album, “Rebel Yell,” which sold two million copies and gave Idol his hit ballad, “Eyes Without A Face.” “Cyberpunk,” Idols last studio album, produced in 1993 proved not to be much of a commercial hit and he has stayed out of the studio since.

Idol, who was not making his Atlantic City casino debut, proved that he could still stir up an audience. His energy and combined styles of mixing his punk roots with more standard music captivated the filled House Of Blues.

Idol hopes that his new material will once again propel him to the heights of stardom he once enjoyed, even if he does not make it to that level, Idol is still one energetic performer who puts on an energy packed show and can still draw an audience.

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