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Bike ride without getting your pants or favorite pair of shoes scuffed or dirty

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The Stay Sharp Commuter Cuffs


If you use your bike a lot to get from destination to another or if you commute to and from work, this product might be the perfect product for you. The Stay Sharp commuter cuffs protect the bottom of your pants from getting dirty. It also keeps the laces from your shoe away from the chain to avoid scuffmarks or scratches from occurring to the top of the shoe. The Stay Sharp Cuff protector also products laces from being caught or tangled in the chain. Stay Sharp looks sleek, cool and carries many unique designs and colors.

Stay Sharp commuter cuffs has captured the attention of hundreds of bikers. It’s cool look and purpose has woken up the bikers world especially people who travel to work and use bikes frequently to get to their planned destinations.

We gave the product to a man named Danny. Danny lives in New York in uses his bike frequently.

Stay Sharp is an excellent product. It protected my pants and kept my shoes clean. When I went to my friends house I wore my good pair of sneakers and I used Stay Sharp cuff protector and it covered my laces, so if my foot hit the chain the laces definitely wouldn’t get caught. I also used it for work on nice days that I biked to work and it protected my work clothes and did what the product promises to do. I like this product and I definitely recommend this product to other bikers that care about ruining their clothes or getting their shoes damaged while biking. Four words describe Stay Sharp commuter cuffs high quality, brilliance, cool and stylish. This product is definitely is the benchmark for genius. The item speaks for itself, says Danny.”

Stay Sharp commuter cuffs is located at The product came quickly, packaged well, looked great and the price of the product is just right.