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Biggest moments from the 'Big Love' series finale (spoilers)

Big Love


The end of days has come. We have come to the conclusion of “Big Love” after five seasons and seven years in the making. Has everyone’s story been resolved in "When Mountains and Men Meet"? Shockingly, yes – here are the biggest moments from the series finale of “Big Love”:

Albert Grant goes to the jail. When Roman Grant was murdered by Joey Henrickson, “Big Love” fans wondered who would be the next villain. We never had to look further from the name “Grant”; Alby continued to torture the Henricksons in ways that would make his Papa proud. Alby, however, finally gets his deserved punishment by going to jail after murdering his would-be lover and henchman, Verlan. May he find more peace in jail than he did in Juniper Creek.

We learn why Bill created his church. We knew Bill loved Barb; but this time, his actions said more than his words. Barb reveals to Bill that she plans on being baptized by the reform church, and the unbreakable Bill just falls apart. He tells her while he was in jail he didn’t think about his myriad of other problems including his mother’s health, possible jail time, or the failing Home Plus: he thought about Barb – his first wife, first love – and how they got to this point in their marriage. He tells her after she got excommunicated, he built the church for her. Feeling bereft, he packs for Nicki’s for the night.

Nicki has a soul. Nicollete Grant is many things, but a kind, unselfish person she is not. She knows that and confesses as much to Barb, but not without first telling her “you worry too much about appearances, Barbara” after Barb asks for some money to fix the dent on her station wagon. Barb takes it upon herself to buy a sporty new car instead and takes Margene and Nicki for a ride during which Nicki actually cracks a smile. Nicki apologizes to Cara Lynn for telling her that she “doesn’t deserve love.” But, see, Nicki knew how Cara Lynn was feeling. She too was once dangerously in love (her boss form last season?) and just wanted to protect Cara Lynn from her feelings. Nicki also allows herself to be held by Barb (despite her aversion to hugging) and actually worries about Margene (more on that later).

Frank and Lois live peacefully ever after. Lois’ dementia has gotten worse to the point where he doesn’t recognize herself in the mirror. ("Who is she? She’s ugly!") She does recall certain things with clarity. She remembers how the family used to wear hats on holidays and how they felt “so full” of themselves – as if they were “something special.” She’s right in reflecting the Henricksons are not something special; they are not any more touched by God than any other family. But her relationship with Frank is something special. In the end, they are each other's own family and take care of each other through life and death. Beside a bed table of empty bottles of pills and syringes, Franks soothes Lois to eternal sleep while recounting stories of their love and life.

Bill has a revelation about Barb. Barb goes to her baptism on Easter Sunday but has an epiphany. She is not Sister Dutton; she is a Henrickson, and this baptism means nothing without her family. She leaves her own baptism and rejoins her family at church. Bill feels a “grace descend upon [him]” and knows he and Barb will be all right. Buoyed by his feeling of peace, Bill greets his neighbor Carl amiably. Carl asks Bill if he put sod on his lawn. Yes, Bill, reveals warmly – he promised Carl he was going to help him a few months ago. Carl is someone who is like many in this economy who cannot find work, has a marriage failing as a result, and feels angry. He is angry that Bill has done this -- he doesn’t need his help! Shockingly, he shoots Bill. Bill’s wives hear the shots and surround him. Bill sees Barb shrouded in a veil of light and asks for her blessing. In the end, he realizes, Barb is indeed the priesthood holder. Barb blesses him, and Bill dies.

Eleven months later, we see Scott and Sarah with a baby they have named after Bill. Heather and Ben are together, and she is wearing a ring on her finger. We get a joke about the missing Teenie who apparently doesn’t know “if she’s coming or going.” Margene has cut her hair short and has been traveling on missionary meetings. Nicki worries about Margene when she is away. The sister-wives embrace, and an acoustic version of “God Only Knows” plays.

What did you think of the series finale of “Big Love”? Did you feel everyone’s story was wrapped appropriately? Did you wonder about Joey and Wanda this season? What will happen to Barb now? What were your most memorable “Big Love” moments? Share your thoughts below.


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