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Big Fatty's Catering Kitchen is an expensive mixed bag

Big Fatty's Catering Kitchen in West Knoxville
Big Fatty's Catering Kitchen in West Knoxville
Toni S. Williams

Big Fatty's Catering Kitchen


I really wanted to love Big Fatty's Catering Kitchen, located in West Knoxville. I was left with mixed feelings about this funky and fun looking restaurant.

My husband and I set out with Big Fatty's Catering Kitchen as a destination. I had been there once before with one of our neighbors and we had had a pleasant experience. I was too busy talking to really notice the food and fairly evaluate the restaurant.

The parking lot is odd, but that is not unusual on Bearden Hill. Naples Italian Restaurant, which is a half of mile down the road from Big Fatty's has an even stranger parking lot. Plus, the traffic on Kingston Pike is such a nightmare that you take your life into your hands getting into and out of the parking lot.

Once inside Big Fatty's, I like the decor with the graffiti style art and the tchotchkes hanging from the ceiling, mismatched tables and interesting lighting. At Big Fatty's, you seat yourself and the table was already set with wrapped flatware and menus. We were greeted immediately and our drink order was taken.

We ordered Big Fatty's Nachos and they were delivered swiftly to our table. The chips were average, but I loved the chill on top. I really loved the relish and huge onion pieces. Sour cream was served on the side. When we order nachos as an appetizer, usually about half is left. We ate every bite on the large oval plate.

We both ordered burgers and fries as our main course. My husband got the generous 8 ounce Black Angus Burger topped with bacon and barbecue sauce on the side and an order of fries and I got an Ocean Burger Pita with fries. The Ocean Burger Pita comes with lettuce, tomato, shredded cheddar cheese, onions and Ranch dressing.

The french fries seemed like store bought frozen crinkle fries. Here is the thing: I would rather a restaurant serve frozen crinkle fries than try to hand make them and fail. The portion of fries was quite large.

Both my husband and I really enjoyed our burgers. The toppings were generous and fresh. The barbecue sauce had a nice hint of brown sugar.

Big Fatty's carries several deserts including Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Icing, but we were too full to be tempted.

Our billing including tip was $43.00. Two drinks, two burgers with fries and a plate of nachos for $43.00. It was good but no that good. $43.00. I really wanted to love Big Fatty's, but $43.00, including tip, left me with mixed feelings.