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Big business takes publicity into a gruesome new direction in ‘Scream Park’

Scream Park


Of all the sub-genres in horror, the slasher flick seems to be the one that churns them out left and right with very few delivering the goods. The formula for these are pretty simple as you have to have a great killer, sex, nudity, and characters you can’t wait to see killed. The latest, scream Park is clearly a lower budget from its trailers, but sports a cameo from Pinhead himself Doug Bradley, but does it bring the gory destruction or should the park have been closed down a long time ago?

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Scream Park follows an amusement park that is closing down for the last time due to lack if interest and business. In one last effort to sell tickets again, the owner has hired two backwoods men to break in and kill off all the employees that he thinks will then create a media sensation that will bring the guests back out of gruesome curiosity. Going into this film you have to accept that this is a low budget film so on some level it deserves a pass. With that being said you have to look at these sort of films with a different frame of mind, but they still have to deliver overall. This one is pretty generic as a whole with the first half of the film devoted to watching these overly annoying teenager workers do their thing. It’s a bit all over the place throughout this time in the film that needed a bit of structure to really help it flow better. Of course this isn’t the real reason anyone watches a slasher film, it’s all about the kills. There was clearly not a huge budget for anything here, but they managed to use some decent effects and smart camera work to create some effective death scenes that help to make this film like more than it actually is. The killers are pretty generic, but played over the top enough to be fun and work for what they were trying to do. Horror icon Doug Bradley shows up in one of those stereotypical cameos that last just a few moments, but still manages to give the film some legitimacy.

This is far from a perfect film, but for the budget they had they managed to deliver a fairly entertaining slasher flick. The acting is average to poor for most if it, but again we are here to see the carnage be unleashed and while it takes a while to get there, when it does it brings just enough to the table to keep any hardcore fans happy on some level. Take a trip to the amusement park where the rides are the safest thing there when Scream Park hits DVD on April 22nd.

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