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Biffy Clyro expands on evovles on 'Similarities'

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"Similarities" by Biffy Clyro


Dedicated music fans know b-sides are awesome. They often show a different side of your favorite band since they aren't limited to the confines of an album they're working on. While the practice isn't completely dead, it's a shame more artists don't take the opportunity to create some really interesting music. Thank god for Biffy Clyro. They are one of the few bands out today who dedicate so much time to the b-side. They have several albums full of them and their newest is sure to please old and new Biffy fans alike.

One thing that's great about the record is every song sounds good. There's not a single one you'll want to skip. What's enjoyable about the album are all the different styles and sounds found on all the tracks. Biffy usually isn't shy about shaking things up in terms of music, but they are absolutely fearless on this collection. While “Euphoria” is pure raw anger and intensity during the entire song, it begins with little phases of synth that remind you stars twinkling. That same synth comes back and is the basis of the music on “A Tragic World Record.” This track also seems to take more influence from pop music as it's really upbeat and playful.

They go for a folk vibe on “Break a Butterfly on a Wheel” with a soft, mellow, and melodic acoustic guitar playing during the verses. When the chorus comes on the music gets grittier taking on more of their established rock sound, but it never really loses the mood the previous riff set up. “Milky” starts off with an ominous riff that seems to be inspired by Southern rock. Eventually the music gets bouncy and drowned in distortion that makes for an energetic tune. “Wooden Souvenir” has more of a punk influence with its frantic riffs and chaotic vibe. The music is so heavy and aggressive it sounds like it's on the verge of a breakdown.

While all of the songs are great, one that stands out is “City of Dreadful Night." It is awesome because it has this fast, shuffling music that catches your attention when it starts. It's one of those tracks where you stop what you're doing when you hear it. What makes it so notable is how often the tone and pace of the music changes in just four minutes. The music gets slower and slower as the song goes until it creates this calm comforting mood the listener gets lost in. Before the listener can drift off in a haze, the music gets bouncy and upbeat turning it into something to dance to.

Whether you get lost in the playfulness of "Fingerhut" or the mellow vibe of "Thundermonster" this collection has something for every Biffy Clyro fan. They are just starting get some mainstream success in the U.S., but this release is a great introduction to the band for American audiences. The LP shows the wide diversity of the band and how they are always looking to evolve their sound to keep thing exciting.

"Similarities" will be available August 5. For more on Biffy Clyro and to -pre-order your copy, visit their website.