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Biblical critique of movie 'Heaven is for real'

'Heaven is for Real' movie


The movie 'Heaven is for real' has just released and this writer was definitely looking forward to seeing yet another Christian based movie that Hollywood has produced. The movie stars Greg Kinnear as Todd Burpo and Kelly Reilly as Sonja Burpo, the couple whose son Colton, actually experienced a vision of Heaven via a near-death experience. This movie, though Christian based had the potential to veer off into New Age theories rather than remaining Biblically accurate. But it did not and kept the plot However, when it comes to being graced to receive a vision of Heaven whether bodily or in the spirit, it still remains very subjective and therefore cannot be empirically proven. It remains a matter of faith and personally knowing that what you experienced was very real.

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Courtesy of Sony Pictures Entertainment
'Heaven if for Real' movie
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The first scene of this movie opens up with a young girl who is an artist in Lithuania. She is painting an ethereal eye which is looking out of the heavens as though watching the world's inhabitants. At the end of the movie we are informed that a real life artist named, Akiane Kramarik, also had a vision of heaven at the age of four and now she paints her visions.

This movie is based on a true story about Colton Burpo, who at age four experienced a near-death vision of heaven and lived to tell others about it. His parents at first are skeptical and finally the father, Todd Burpo, begins to understand that his son really did visit heaven and see Jesus, even sitting on his lap. Finally, his mother finally believes when her son, Colton tells her that he has two sisters. When he was in heaven a little girl came up and wouldn't stop hugging him. He tells his mother that she looks like his living sister but her hair looks like his Mom's hair. The mother is astonished that her four year old son who was never told that she had miscarried several years before would relate such a story.

The movie is tastefully done and well executed. It treats with grace some of the more difficult topics that people have about God, i.e. why does he allow some to die while others continue to live? Why do people suffer? This movie brings hope into the picture. So it ranks a full five stars from this writer and should be on your list of 'must-see movies.'

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