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Biblical critique of Christian documentary, 'Irreplaceable'

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'Irreplaceable' movie by Focus on the Family


As the old saying goes, somewhat slightly changed, 'I came, I saw, I loved it,' the documentary, 'Irreplaceable' gets a top-rated five stars from this writer. This documentary is just the first in a series that Focus on the Family will be producing in the next several years focusing on the changing cultural values regarding family life. It opened with a montage of old photographs and probably 8mm or 16mm home movie reels of 1930's to 1960's couples getting married, raising their children, which was a wonderful break from other opening scenes of gunfire; and ultra-cool-black-begarbed-super-heroes attempting to save the world. I wonder if they realize (apparently not) that the Lord Jesus Christ already made a way for salvation and hence has saved the world. Maybe someone should politely whisper it in Hollywood's ears.

The documentary was hosted by Tim Sisarich from Auckland, New Zealand who works at Focus on the Family in that country. In this movie, he takes a semi-world tour to some major countries to conduct on-the-street interviews of people passing by and other arranged interviews of psychologists, ministers and parents in general about their take on the declining mores concerning marriage, children, divorce, sexuality, etc. The main theme of this documentary was this: if we allow ourselves to devalue sex, then we devalue marriage, we will then begin to devalue parenthood and then eventually we will also devalue our children. They will become as chattel to be bought and sold in the marketplace of life. Basically, we have already devalued sexual relationships by allowing them to occur outside of marriage and then after all who wants to get married (and why buy the cow when the milk is free). We then began to see our children as an impediment to our personal happiness and so our children went to the abortionist clinics to be butchered and thrown away. Is this too hard to read? It's all around us if we will only open our eyes and look at the carnage we have allowed into our societies. We act as though we are horrified and scandalized when a mass murder takes place somewhere in the USA, but no one stops to even blink an eye at the mass murders of our babies in the abortion clinics. Yawn! It's a woman's choice, right? Is it? According to the statistics given in this documentary, there are 163 million missing girls in China...just because they were girl babies. There have been 55 million in the USA of both boys and girls...inconveniences.

According to more statistics from Focus on the Family, the reason that most of this has occurred has been the mass exodus of Fathers leaving their families. Without a constant Father figure in the home, girls will often feel worthless and rejected; boys will often become aggressive. Both boys and girls need that Father figure: boys, so they will be able to grow up and pattern themselves after a solid and secure male figure; girls, so that they will be able to see what a loving husband and Father is really like, so that they can choose the same when it is time for them to marry. Other startling percentages such as 11% drop out rate among teens; 71% teen pregnancies; 85% of youth in prisons and 63% teen suicides occur because Dad either did something bad to his children or he simply was not there to support his family.

Jesus Christ came to redeem the world because redemption itself implies that something is broken and needs to be fixed. Clearly, our society is broken because we the people are broken. Christians...stand up and take a stand for what is right and what is moral. The only way that we will ever become whole is when we submit to the Lord Jesus Christ and ask for that salvation that He has freely offered.

So if you couldn't make it to the theatre on this last Tuesday, it was only showing for a limited engagement in most cities for just one night. You will now have to wait until it comes out on DVD or is released to DVD rental stores such as Family Video. There were a lot of interesting facts and questions asked, but in the end the answer is Christ Jesus, He is the author of our Salvation, and the repairer of our brokenness.