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Beyond the Dam at Mansfield Hollow State Park, CT

Mansfield Hollow Dam and the view from above and from both sides.
Mansfield Hollow Dam and the view from above and from both sides.
Photo Copyrights belong to Jeffrey Burke

Mansfield Hollow State Park.


This masterpiece of engineering creates peace of mind for folks who live down river. When you realize the dam has actually held back many floods since it was built; as a result, life in the towns along the rivers must be easier than times past.

Mansfield Hollow Lake
Photo Copyright belongs to Jeffrey Burke

When standing on top of this magnificent structure, one can only imagine the great floods this marvel of engineering has held back and the countless lives it has saved. Perhaps millions or possible billions of dollars saved by towns who no longer have to worry about massive floods ruining buildings, farmland and homes.

Now controlled by the might of the US Army Corps of Engineers who limit the flow through the massive gates. Take a hike to the top of the dam from the base; if you’re here for a quick visit, but try and stay all day to visit the lake below. You will see how amazing this engineering marvel truly is. Check out the slideshows for more vivid details that one can only see to believe.

You can check more slideshows by visiting the last article for more information and directions.

Below the dam at Mansfield Hollow State Park