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Beware what is behind the locked door in ‘The Damned’

The Damned


While the US does deliver some great horror films it seems as though the foreign film market really knocks them out of the park. Every so often one comes along that it a US film, but plays like a foreign film and brings all the same sentiments from the genre making something new and different. The latest is The Damned starring Peter Fancinelli from the Twilight saga, but does it capture that something special these films are looking to unleash or will this be one that you wish never raised from the depths of hell?

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The Damned follows a family involved in an accident and take refuge in a secluded inn where they free a girl locked in a basement without knowing she's an ancient evil. At first this film moves at a snail’s pace as it attempts to introduce the audience to the various characters. There is little happening for some time but once they finally make the discovery at the Inn things kick into high gear. Once they decide to set the evil lose they pull no punches bringing some great gore moments, including one featuring a severed head used as a puppet that is awesome. Everyone does a great job with their roles, but its not so much the performances that make this film work it is the direction that take the film and allowing it to let lose when need be. This film has a very Evil Dead vibe without the campy nature making it a great addition to the horror genre.

Anytime you have a film like this you have to expect some things you have seen before, but it is all about how unique they make it and here they pulled it off. Despite the slow start this film ended up being pretty good and showcases enough blood letting to appease the gore hounds out there and a cool twist at the end that takes it full circle. If you are a fan of a good bloody possession flick then give The Damned a try on VOD and in theaters August 29th.