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Beverly Donofrio’s ‘Astonished’ now available in paperback

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Astonished: A Story of Healing and Finding Grace by Beverly Donofrio


Fans of Beverly Donofrio’s candid, approachable prose will be glad to hear her latest book, ‘Astonished: A Story of Healing and Finding Grace,’ is now available in paperback.

While many readers came to know Donofrio through her 90s hit ‘Riding in Cars with Boys,’ Donofrio wowed audiences with her continued pursuit of happiness and quest for faith, beautifully depicted in ‘Looking for Mary: Or, the Blessed Mother and Me.’

Following the inner piece found in ‘Looking for Mary,’ the author was sidelined by trauma. After settling into Mexico, anticipating days spent writing and practicing her faith, Donofrio was attacked in her home. Awoken by a rapist in the middle of the night, Donofrio’s faith was again questioned.

Astonished’ takes the reader on a journey with Donofrio as she confronts her anger, measures despair, and turns to prayer and community to re-strengthen her faith. It is through her pursuit of healing and humanity that Donofrio not only moves past, but rises above, the inexplicable.