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Bestselling author Steven Manchester returns with PRESSED PENNIES

New book explores the complicated layes of life and love
The Story Plant

PRESSED PENNIES by author Steven Manchester


This is my third literary offering from Steven Manchester to read, and I have to say that he definitely seems to get better with each and every novel.

PRESSED PENNIES, like life, is a layered story of not just the love of Rick and Abby but what happens to us all when life happens to us, sometimes leaving us with pieces of our lives to piece back together. Will the second time around for them prove to deliver all they want or will the feelings of young Paige derail their chance of love and happiness.

Steven has become known for his dialogue in his books, and in PRESSED PENNIES he once again showcases it. When addressing the issue of fear Abby tells Paige “You’re going to have to face fear your entire life. We all have to. That’s just part of being human… but without that fear, there’s no need for courage, which I’ve seen in you many times.” This reminds us that being vulnerable is not about being weak. It’s about allowing the most sensitive part of yourself to be exposed, heal and grow.

There is also the issue of blended families and how we have to look at it as the opportunity to add something to our lives, not take something away. Rick allows Paige to know that when it comes to her mom he is only there to be a compliment. “Your mother’s proven that her relationship with you is priority one, and it should be,” he says to Paige. “But I want you to understand that I could be a positive in both of your lives. I’m not here to take anything away. I’m here to add something…

Definitely a book that shows that although love is not easy it is something that is worth fighting for, PRESSED PENNIES allows the reader to enjoy the journey of the characters and experience the power that comes from real love.

PRESSED PENNIES officially releases Tues. May 13th and can be purchased on here.

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