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Best Volumizing Shampoo & Conditioner

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Angelo David VOL Shampoo and Conditioner


Having thin, flat hair can be a nuisance to your beauty and your confidence. Many shampoos and conditioners on the market claim to give you lavish hair full of life, but most, well, turn up flat. Finally, there's one line of products that will give you more volume than you thought your strands could handle.

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Self Magazine 2014 Beauty Award winner, VOL Shampoo & Conditioner not only smells delicious, but it truly brings life to flat hair, in a healthy way. First, the shampoo boosts volume without lifting the cuticle or causing dryness. Dry hair means breakage, split ends and no shine. VOL Shampoo contains honey and avocado extract to nourish and moisturize, and silk amino acids to strengthen hair -- meaning, no breakage and full shine. That, along with the bioflavonoids provide anti-oxidant protection against environmental aggressors. And finally, the shampoo and VOL Conditioner include evening primrose that smoothes the cuticle and boosts surface sheen. Hops extract in the conditioner adds extra body and fullness with each use. In other words, these healthy ingredients are nutritious for your tresses and won't cause any damage while building fullness each and every time you wash your hair.

The scent out of the bottle doesn't do any justice to the scent that is left behind on your strands after your wash. It is sweet, semi-strong and may just have you sniffing your hair every so often. The best part is, it doesn't fade after the first day. If, like most women, you don't wash your hair everyday, the delicious scent stays with you until your next wash.

Creator of VOL and celebrity hairstylist and couture hair extension expert Angelo David Pisacreta of Angelo David Salon in Midtown Manhattan, explains the scent.

I wanted to give the consumer "an experience". I worked long and hard with perfumers to come up with a scent that would envelope the user from the very beginning of the process to well beyond the end of the process."

Pisacreta says that achieving volume with products isn't about adding ingredient after ingredient, but about "a function of moisture without buildup, a selective synergy with the combination of ingredients." Also, the damaging and color-fading ingredients left out like sulfates and sodium chloride aren't what Pisacreta finds most important. For him, it's more about the ingredients used.

I make sure that the ingredients that are selected are the most efficacious for their purpose. For the shampoo, I use ingredients that cleanse the hair and do not strip it of vital components. I include moisturizers and humectants that attract moisture to the hair. Also included in the ingredients are essential vitamins, amino acids, proteins and the purest hair beneficial botanical extract.

Pisacreta believes that hair health issues often begin inside the body, not on the surface. He explains this in depth:

It's basic physiology, really. All of the vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy body are drawn from the food and liquid you intake. A proper healthy balanced meal will provide for all of the nutrients needed for your hair follicles to "create" healthy hair. If your diet is low in fatty acids, your hair will have less sheen. If your diet lacks protein, you'll have less amino acids for the production of keratin. Healthy hair growth is relative to your intake of vitamins, minerals and proteins.

VOL Shampoo & Conditioner, along with the travel brush and other VOL products can be found and purchased through Angelo David Salon.