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Best Selling Author Robert Whitlow’s: Water’s Edge Will Have You On Edge

Water's Edge Book


Book Cover: Sometimes the smallest towns hold the biggest secrets. Ambitious young attorney Tom Crane is about to become a partner in a big-city law firm. One final matter has to be cleared from his docket – the closing of his deceased father’s law practice in the small town of Bethel. Killed in a tragic boating accident, John Crane didn’t leave his son anything except the hassle of a bankrupt estate. Then, within twenty- four hours, Tom loses his job, his girlfriend, and his cat.

And that’s not all folks…

Tom Crane loses a lot of baggage when he exits the big city and its big city law firm to retreat to the small town firm that was his father’s legacy. Little does Tom realize that he is walking into what will become his own destiny should he choose it. Water’s Edge is a masterful look at what happens when God works His way into the life of an unbelieving heart that wants anything but to offer selfless esteem to the ones that need it most – family, friends, and a handful of citizens desperate for a kind word and helping hand.

Mr. Crane experiences many of the things most “real life” believers must when they first give their life to Christ. Revelation, heart-break, and intercession (from the spirited Uncle Elias) are all colorful aspects of this compelling glimpse at the legal and ethical plights that wash through the small yet spirited town of Bethel.

The author, Robert Whitlow, a true-to-life practicing attorney, wanted to write a story about the ways that God can interact with people on an ordinary basis. While I found some of the themes in the story a bit hyperbolic in nature (illusions of grandeur surrounding the heroic salvation of a heroine, double-murders, mob-level embezzlement schemes), overall I found the story refreshing. It is fiction after all ;-)

Whitlow has a way of reflecting on the many ways God intervenes just in the nick of time that catches you reflecting on your own life with a smile and a nod. I highly recommend it as a good alternative to more traditional Christian fiction themes.

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