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Best email marketing service for entrepreneurs



In today's world, if you want to turn your business leads into happy customers you'll need to reach them online. People of all ages, ethnicities, and education levels are using computers and mobile technology to make important purchase decisions. And if you don’t have a strong presence online, you're making it harder for the right people to find you.

Ok, so that's all well said and done, but how do you get started? One of the best ways to reach people online is through email marketing. Virtually everyone nowadays has an email address, in fact, according to a recent study, "in 2013, business email accounts total[ed] 929 million mailboxes." The study goes on to show that consumer email accounts in 2013 were at 2,970 million and expected to grow drastically in the coming years.

The next important question you might be asking yourself is which email provider to choose when starting your email campaign? There are many good options to choose from so this will likely depend on a variety of factors such as your budget, how creative you want to get with your emails, tracking features so you can see how your campaigns have done in terms of click through rates and open rates.

When it comes to email marketing services iContact offers the most robust set of features. The intuitive and simple tools make it easy to create emails whether you have a ton of experience working on campaigns or are a beginner just starting out.

According to a recent review, "one impressive feature within this email marketing service is the ability to create, send and manage custom surveys." Surveys are great for feedback and to understand how customers view your products and services. You can also track the status of your campaign by seeing how many emails were opened, bounced and clicked through. This information is useful for adjusting and fine tuning future email campaigns.

Being a business woman in Salt Lake City, UT can be a challenge. There are many hurdles to overcome such as the cultural view of women as stay-at-home mothers, the lack of funding from investors and a lack of focus on business related fields in school. However, as of late, women in the state of Utah are bucking the trend and opting to becoming entrepreneurs. And business tools such as email marketing platforms among others can go a long way to help ease the hardship of starting your own business.