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Best Buy Recycling Program Rocks

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Best Buy Recycling Program


Thanks to Best Buy, recycling my old 80 pound monster analog TV set was a breeze. The last time I recycled a TV, the local city hazardous waste program was charging $20 per TV set recycled. Not this time, the Best Buy crew brought out a cart to my vehicle, loaded it, and took it away for free. You can get all the excellent recycling options available through the Best Buy program here: Electronics Recycling.

The Best Buy Recycling program is so diverse that you can recycle just about any type of electronic devices or appliance: including televisions, computers, monitors, cell phones, audio equipment, cameras, washers, dryers, ovens, vacuums, video game equipment, toasters, microwaves, hair dryers and more. According to their website, Best But recycled over 80 million tons of electronics last year. The waste is broken down and recycled in a very eco responsible manner. The process is pretty amazing. You can see the entire process in this 2 minute video: Best Buy Recycling.

For top-notch advice on recycling information and programs nationwide for all types of products and waste materials, visit They provide the most comprehensive information available online.