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Bersa Thunder 40 Ultra Compact Pro

Bersa Thunder 40 Ultra Compact Pro


Now before all the Rugeronions, Coltonions, and Smith & Wessononions get all up in arms, a little homework and history is in order. Granted, Bersa, is not presently one of the big three firearms in the United States, but take notice to this name. Remember, neither was Toyota a few years ago and we all know where that has gone. Made in Argentina, this particular model comes in 9 mm, .40, and .45 caliber options. Standard issue for the Argentine military, the Bersa has a proven track record for reliability and is starting to be hard to find on the shelves here in the good old United States.

With clip and safety on
With clip and safety onRichard Copeland
A sleeper of a pistol
A sleeper of a pistolRichard Copeland

There were four considerations made before the purchase of this pistol:

  1. The wife had to be able to handle the pistol.
  2. Safeties had to have a clear on/off indication and be able to be seen easily.
  3. The pistol had to be fully ambidextrous. We shoot with different hands.
  4. Reliable and easy to clean.

Starting on the left back corner of the rail is the first of 4 safeties, next is the slide release, and last is the disassembling latch. Below the disassembling latch is the internal locking system. This is basically a trigger lock built into the pistol. Operated by a key, which is provided, all that is required is to turn the lock to safe and the pistol is disabled. On the back side of the trigger guard is the clip release which can put on either side for left or right hand shooters.

Along the top are the rear sights which are dove tailed into the slide, the loaded chamber indicator, and the front blade sight. Sights are three dot for easy target acquisition. Now, the loaded chamber indicator, is a pretty neat little deal. Used for both visual and touch, all it is is a blade that sits higher than the slide if the chamber is loaded.

Going down the right side of the pistol are the safety and the slide release. Other features include a standard MIL 1913 Picatinny rail for accessories. Checkered hammer and trigger guard. Three finish options. Matte, nickel, and duotone.

The reason 4 stars instead of 5 is the owners manual. Specifically the figures in the owners manual. Black and white and not that easy to see whats going on. Otherwise everything is top shelf. Luckily youtube has a couple good videos which show the operation of the pistol along with the reliability. is a good video detailing the operation of the gun. is a good firing sequence of about 10 shots.

Bersa, not yet in the top three. But, a name that will have to be reckoned with.