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Believe...will we?

Believe premiere
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I have to admit I have an affinity for J.J. Abram’s productions, most notably Fringe which piqued my curiosity about science conducted in the dark. With Believe, we have one component of the strange science to concentrate on. Will it make for long lasting dramatic impact or will it burn out after too many chase and run episodes?
Personally, I am curious to continue watching the story of a telekinetically-gifted girl on the run from a training school/prison. Skouras played by Kyle McLachlan may be the intriguing character as yet as we wonder how much of his tears shed for the missing Bo are over a lost child or an opportunity to advance weird science further.
Johnny Sequoyah does a wonderful job of portraying the gifted but confused child who gives us many opportunities to witness her good heart. She is touted as a savior. I am still unsure what that means and hopefully future episodes will flesh that out once the child can take a breather from running around Atlantic City.
Winter frees Bo from Skouras’ facility and pairs her with a prisoner, supposedly wrongly convicted, in Tate who is oblivious to the fact he is the child’s father. The pair behaves more like siblings during their squabbling. This banter is reminiscent of the better character development often found in Abrams’ productions.
In episode two Bo faces lethal danger but says she was too scared to use her powers. Was this character weakness or was it an excuse for the show to continue because Bo is not capable or willing to thwart every evil with her powers? Can some of her psychic abilities, seeing into the future, be guiding her to that answer?
I suppose further fleshing out of Skouras’ training facility may give us answers and hopefully more of a plot to consider.