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‘Believe’ recap: ‘Origin’ from whence they came


'Believe' Origin


Milton Winter meets with Roman in a cramped little booth inside a diner to discuss Bo. And the audience gets to meet Bo’s mother Nina via flashbacks and also gain some insight into Milton and Roman’s past.

But in present day, Bo and Tate are in New York and literally have a run-in with a wealthy woman who is still mourning the death of her son some years back.

Elsewhere, thanks to an Amber Alert, the FBI is hot on Bo and Tate’s trail as they seek out their safe house. It doesn’t take long for the G-men to find the apartment, forcing Bo and Tate to flee. The safe house ain’t so safe anymore.

We learn that Bo apparently inherited her special gifts from her mother. And just in case you’ve ever been curious about those strange blue butterflies that suddenly show up at times and surround Bo, if you’ll notice in one of the flashbacks, Nina wore a blue butterfly necklace. Aww.

As usual, there are a lot of foot chasing and hiding and helping strangers. Case in point for stranger help of the week -remember the wealthy lady? Well, miracles of all miracles, Tate and Bo practically stumble upon the woman’s son working at a pawn shop. If Tate hadn’t stolen the woman’s necklace and went to this particular pawn shop to sell it, this discovery would have never happened. Oh Bo, you’re so smart. No wonder you didn’t put up much of fuss over Tate’s thievery.

Needless to say, the boy who is now a young man is not dead, but was actually kidnapped years ago. And thanks to Bo, there is a tearful mother-son reunion. And needless to say, Bo and Tate are still on the run.

‘Believe’ airs on Sundays at 9:00 PM on NBC.