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‘Believe’ recap: ‘Collapse’ we all fall down


'Believe' Collapse


Opening scene: Bo is having a bad dream. She files out of a subway car and is immediately face-to-face with a strange girl who warns her, “We’re all going to die.” This can’t be good. Bo hardly has a chance to blink in her dream finding herself facing Agent Ferrell and then her dad Tate.
Bo wakes up shivering, comforted by Tate and then does her usual…constantly scream at Tate to hurry up as they scurry towards the 30th Street subway station to save lives. Lo and behold, they run into, you guessed it, Agent Ferrell. Oh and the strange girl Bo saw in her nightmare happens to be Ferrell’s daughter Sasha. As Ferrell draws her gun on her prize (Tate), Bo spots a suspicious looking duffle bag parked beneath a bench and yells, “bomb!” Boom! And now its time for a word form their sponsors.

After the always necessary commercial break, we see the dusty crumbled aftermath from the explosion. The foursome is still in possession of all their fingers and toes, but Sasha is struggling to breath and they’re all trapped like rats in a sewer.

Skouras is freed and back at Orchestra orchestrating mayhem and madness. The man is looking more and more crazed by each tick-tocking minute. Dani, who is busy minding everyone’s business, continues to show signs of insecurity and jealousy of Bo. Who can blame her? Who wouldn’t trade in lack of food and peeling walls for hot running water and guinea pig conditions?

Milton is able to reach Tate on his cell and sort of help walk him through an escape route. Tate eventually discovers a storm drain. Try not to think about those city sewer rats.

Skouras sets a trap for Zoe and does indeed catch trying to contact Milton. The future is not looking very bright for Zoe but on the other hand, things are looking up for our foursome as they climb out of a grate to freedom. However, freedom is pretty iffy for Tate since Agent Ferrell insists on going all “I’m a sworn officer of the law” even after Tate saved her life from the bomber who coincidentally was milling about their escape site. Good eye Sasha for picking him out of the crowd. That red jacket certainly stuck out like a sore thumb.

Skouras has a heart-to-heart with Zoe. Bottom line is she must be punished. He can’t have her going around all willy-nilly telling folk he’s cray-cray. So Skouras brings in eager beaver Dani to erase Zoe’s brains. Dang.

Agent Ferrell removes herself from the Tate/Bo case and she and her daughter make a pact that when the time is right they will break their silence about the hero and his national treasure of a daughter.

With only two episodes remaining, catch ‘Believe” on Sundays at 9:00 PM on NBC.